Cracked Paint or Cracked Fork?

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by rmerka

Don't take chances with anything in front of the top/down tube...

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by kac

Not being an expert, I can't offer an informed opinion on cracked paint vs. cracked fork. With that disclaimer, I'd take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty. No yourself a favor and dispense with conjecture and lingering doubt (and potential risk). Why take a chance with serious injury or worse?

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by nicrump

my money is on "paint crack" due to exposed bondline.

carbon blade, secondary bonded carbon dropout, exposed bond-line and white paint.

but always better safe than sorry. take the replacement.

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by Romper

Thanks all for your input.

LBS went back to Wilier who are sending a replacement fork. Super responsive customer service from both!

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by whodesigns

We see many forks with similar indications. Sometimes the scan shows a disbond in the adhesive join, there are often voids in the adhesive as well.

There are many problems bonding aluminium and carbon, including thermal mismatch, which can prematurely cause a part to fail.

Don't take a risk with fork tips, they hold the wheel on! Get it professionally assessed or replace it.
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