Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE or SLS

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by nelson

I am going to upgrade my bike for the coming spring with a pair of Cosmic Carbone wheels.
I am undecided whether to go for the SLE (Exilith coated rim) or the SLS wheelset.

I would be interested to hear your experiences with the Exilith coated rims and also any opinions
as to which wheelset I should go for.


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by maquisard

Have a read through this thread;


In short, braking performance is improved with Exalith but it will wear through eventually, sooner if you ride a lot in the wet.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

I've had my CC SLR's for nearly a year. Exalith still in perfect shape. Admittedly don't have snow to content with, however our racing season is winter.

In terms of overall braking performance, very impressed.

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I recently weighed up the same two options and went with the SLS for the ability to change out wheels easily without messing around with changing brake pads too.

Braking is predictable and reliable as per any other alloy rim. SLE has advantages in the wet and looks better being all-black but that wasn't enough to swing it for me.

Great wheels for flat or rolling terrain but I prefer to switch out to lighter/lower profile wheels for steep climbs or strong cross-winds.

Tyres and tubes supplied with the wheels were OK, though the Mavic valve extender didn't engage well with my track pump, so I've since changed the tubes out and fitted permanent extenders.

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by ecguevara

The CC SLR has been discontinued as per Mavic's website - in favor of the CC 40.

I recommend the SLE - much better braking performance from the Exalith coating. Mine's still looks immaculate after 4300 km so far. They do require special pads though.

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