Wraith Fabrication Hustle

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by jonloh

Anyone have any experience with the Wraith Fabrication Hustle?


Paintwork is nice; price and claimed weight are decent. But how about ride quality, real-world weight, paint finishing, etc.?

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by olebole

Really enjoy the looks but the geometry is terrible!

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by HermesSport

I haven't ridden one, but I have seen one in person - the workmanship is really killer, especially for the price.
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by JasonL

Hi, first post here. I have the Hustle frame in size M. I have yet to put the bike together as I'm still purchasing parts for it. The frame came in at 1689 grams, and the uncut Whiskey fork comes in at 381 grams. Paint looks nice, but I have no other point of reference to compare it to as it's my first road bike.

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by martyh

I just finished building one up in m/l size. Have literally only gotten 5 miles on it so far, so nothing really to report.
@olebole - what is so wrong with the geometry? I've only had a short ride, but didn't notice any handling issues?

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by Fixie82

Olebole - what don't you particularly like about the geometry? I have been interested in these frames and would be interested to hear some details as nothing really stood out to me and my limited knowledge on the subject.


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by tinozee

The top tube is a tad short, otherwise it's normal geo. The m/l looks good for me just size up stem 130 to 140.

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by Geoff

Headtube is too long...

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by tinozee

It's not the head tube, it's the length if you look at the overall geo chart. The wheelbase and the TT, reach, are a tad shorter than on most road racing frames, but a 175mm head tube is not long for a large. That's like the same as an evo 58 with a shorter tt. If you mean visually, I think it's the thin tubes look weird with the fat head tube.

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by olebole

"Terrible" was maybe a bit to loud and I cant say anything about handling.
But the short reach and high stack makes it very hard for me to get a nice position without have ridiculous amounts of stem.

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by cyclenutnz

Handling geometry looks pretty good. But the massive jump in reach in the middle of the range means they miss out a size to suit the majority of the market. It's really XS, S... L, XL

With steel they should be able to sort out the size range without too much drama - not committed to carbon moulds.
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by adameldridge1

Hey Everyone!

My name is Adam. I started Wraith in May after building (and continuing to) build one off's under my bespoke line Stanridge for the last five years. All the wraiths have been very well received. We're super impressed by the outpouring of support from the buying public.

Any suggestions or notes? By all means call me or send me a mail. Both can be found on the site.

I've tweaked my fitting software with Stanridge over the last five years. Offering base line fitting measures is part of what I offer to wraith clients.

Wow. Never thought you'd be talking about a steel frame on this board! :D Noticed the uptick so I came over to see what was up. Thanks for the chatter and taking a moment to read my introductory note.

Adam Eldridge

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by ergott

Adam, I don't know if English is your first language or not (this website brings many international people so I never assume), but the wording of total cost and pre-order cost is a bit misleading. At first glance, the site makes it look like the cost of the frame and fork are $450. I can't find any other site that lists "The total cost of a pre-order frame and fork is $460".

It should read "The cost of a deposit on frame and fork is $460" or something similar. The word deposit should be used, not pre-order. If someone pre-orders something it usually means they pay the total cost up front or are charged that price when it's ready to ship. That standardized language goes beyond the cycling industry.

Hope that helps. The bikes do look nice.

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by beeatnik

Ergott, glad you pointed that out.

A few weeks ago a buddy sent me a link and asked if I thought he should buy a Wraith. I replied, "hell ya, that's the best deal on a frameset I've ever seen!" Then a few weeks later I navigated the site and realized that $460 was a deposit and not the total cost. Duh. Still a good deal at full price tho.

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by bm0p700f

Frame weight of 3.1lbs what tubing is used. Never seen a steel frame weigh so little. Yes the pre order price is misleading. The large frame has the perfect geometry for me. What is the total cost of the frame?

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