Help with campag mono-pivot brake

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by neverwasbeen

Hi all,

I am installing a new campag chorus groupset on my supersix and had a question regarding the mono-pivot rear brake.

I have installed the front brake and all is centred and working fine. However, with the back brake when I press the brake lever, the right caliper (as viewed from behind) moves first and contacts the rim and then left caliper does moves to contact the rim (i.e. rather than both moving at the same time as you would see on a dual pivot, it seems that the right caliper needs to hit the rim before the left really moves at all). Is this typical of mono-pivot brakes?

The brake is centred and adjusted as per the instructions.

I went to a LBS, and they had a mono-pivot set up and the same thing was happening. The mechanic there seemed to think it was just how these brakes functioned.

Would appreciate others experience.


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by gaisdergerman

I have the same question. I also have it with Sram Red brakes.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

if its a standard single pivot brake, then , no, its not right. Find a better mechanic.

The outer cable tends to exert pressure on that side of the caliper, forcing it off centre.
Make sure your wheel is in straight, then use a cone spanner to hold the brake in the right position while you nip the retaining nut up. Might take a little tweaking, but once its set, it should be okay :thumbup:
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by bikerjulio

No it's not normal. I went to check. I have 4 bikes with Campy single pivot rears. All move the arms and pads in evenly.

My only technique in centering a brake is to look straight down at the tire and adjust so that there is no sideways movement of the wheel as the brake is applied.

The length of the cable housing also has an important role to play. It needs to be just right. In a nice gentle curve that heads straight down to the brake ferrule. 1/8" can make all the difference.

OP's may be too short with the effect of holding back the left side.

The mechanic dealing with this is obviously not very experienced.
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by mm1

It is possible (and always has been on all models of campag brakes) to use a cone spanner to tweak the centering of the brake after the centre bolt nut is tight. There is also a tiny grub screw (2mm) on the centre bolt which, if losened allows the brake arms to pivot round the centre bolt - careful, the grub screw really is tiny and easy to lose. There is also a 2mm grub screw on the left hand caliper arm which allows centering to be fine tuned - a similar grub screw on the right adjusts spring tension.

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by Miller

Just use the cone spanner, it's easy and quick. Back off the brake nut tightness slightly, then using the cone spanner rotate the brake into the correct position, testing by applying the brake, then retighten the brake nut once you're satisfied. You'll have it done more quickly than it took me to type this. Should be stable once set up.

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