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by jacobHansen


I was wondering... How is your garmin computer/spaces set up?

What setup do you have for Racing and training?

Sorry if This is a re-post, but I could not find anything idefyldt on the Googles :)

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by Devon

Do you mean phycially, i.e. how it's mounted? Or how the software is set up?

I assume by 'spaces' you mean the different customisable views? This would change depending on the Garmin model used i.e. a 500/800 or a newer x10 series as they offer different options.
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by G60

I barely got my Edge 510, I don't have a powermeter, and I only have one riding profile set up so far with these pages:
p1: Speed, Distance, HR, HR%max, Grade, Cadence
p2: Avg speed, avg HR, avg HR%max, avg cadence, total ascent, distance.
p3: Virtual Partner
p4: elevation graph

I tried to set up page 1 with mostly 'instant' data, and page 2 with average data for the ride.

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by jockster

Here's how I setup my 510/500:
Page 1: 3s power, NP Lap & AP Lap (Mostly used for cyclocross to somewhat gauge efforts)
Page 2: Power, 30s power, AP Lap, Lap timer, Cadence (Used for all training, intervals and distance)
Page 3: TSS, kJ, Elapsed time, AP & Time of Day (Used to checkout stats now and then)

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