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by stl516

what tubular glue? Is vittoria mastic or continental ok?

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by bikewithnoname

Tubular glue = Vttoria Mastik 1. Easier to use than the Conti stuff (at least for me)
Dealing with flats = Vittoria Pit stop. You can carry a cheap/light Tufo as a get me home tub if you like but I find changing a tub on the side of the road a complete PITA.
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by Weenie

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by HillRPete

Do not bet your house on Pit Stop. Out of two or three attempts in the last few years, the success rate is 0. Still carrying it, one day it must work, and the can is small enough. If you read the internets, others have mixed experience with it as well. A small Tufo folds up very neatly.

As regards glue, both have been working for me. Personally I prefer the Conti, because it hardens over time, which makes it come off nicely. People will say that the "self healing" properties of Mastik are better, and I would not disagree, but with tight tyres I don't see a problem. I have been using Tufo Tape as well, and it does the job.

People make such a religion out of this tubular biz. Just try different stuff to gain experience.

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by RyanH

Of the 5 times I've used it, pit stop has only worked once. I gave up on even bothering and just rip the tire on and put my spare. I'll try Stan's on a few punctured tires I have sitting around.
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