ee cycleworks brakes vs ax lightness breaks

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by kode54

i have (and still have) AX, and also THM (still have but off bike)...but replaced both with EE brakes. like the set up and overall way they work.
- AX Lightness Vial EVO D + DA9150 + Enve SES 4.5 carbon hubs
- Parlee Altum + DA9150 + Enve SES 4.5 carbon hubs
- Parlee ESX + DA9150 + THM SRM PM + Enve SES 6.7 CK hubs
- Guru Praemio R Titanium + DA9150 + Enve 3.4 CK hubs

by Weenie

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by project3

Ciamillo GSL micro cap idler anything close to these two?

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by sugarkane

Pain in the ass brakes.. Still flogging the dead horse that is single pivot brakes.
They look nice but are not nice to use.. New cam allows em to work with wide rims but... When you go to normal rims the brakes won't be in their power sweet spot any more ( has always been a small band of travel where they work well ) problem is no amount of moding the cam will fix this.. They are well over due for a major redesign. 10 years ago they were kings. Now they are pretty poor performers compared to the rest of the market

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