Reynolds attack or zipp 202 firecrest

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by carbonLORD

Another used 2011 model out of warranty....

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by Grill

There's almost no difference between the v7 and v8 front hubs. Big changes for the v9 though.
The Zipp 88 front hub received an in-line change (February 2014) to increase durability & performance. The retaining ring that was previously used has been elimated(sic) and the spoke slot depth increased.

If the v8 was perfectly fine, why make changes to increase said metric for the v9? You hardly need a degree in deductive reasoning to reach the logical conclusion...

But hey, it's your money. You're free to do with it as you please.

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by gospastic

For every person that complains about some product on an internet forum there are thousands out there that don't because they have no problem.

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by CharlesM

Grill wrote:There's almost no difference between the v7 and v8 front hubs......
If the v8 was perfectly fine, why make changes to........

Which companies don't update their products exactly? (I mean the ones that can update, meaning they actually make their product versus shopping for parts...)

Zipp make constant changes because they can (they employ more degreed engineers than most wheel companies have total employees). They design, test and manufacture the 88/188 in the US. With that, they can make improvements whenever they like (to the rims as well... which have also been through multiple revs).

There were 4 - 8 different versions of the 88/188 hub done between 13' and the old products shown in the 4 threads you have posted.

There have been @12 versions between the current hub produced and the oldest Hub you have shown.


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by Dammit

My update- I bought some HED Stinger 4 FR's as the UK's ENVE supplier wouldn't give me a price for the 3.4's.

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by kdogg32

carbonLORD wrote:
Dammit wrote:(Interested in this btw as I'm looking at 202 tubular vs 3.4 SES).

The only thing I can say is the FireCrest have a better braking surface and stop as well as an alloy clincher. The SES stop 25% slower in my experience (I own 6.7, 3.4, 404's and 808's).

I've have/had both the 404s and 3.4s and agree that the Zipps have better stopping power.
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by kdogg32

Grill wrote:
FIJIGabe wrote:
GregSherwin wrote:Ok thanks for all the replies

So to surmise irrespective of cost peoples view is that zipps have a better braking surface?

Weight is much the same as the 2014 attacks are 1365g

not exactly the comparison, but my 303's vs my old DV3K's (same braking surface - Ctg), I can confirm that the Zipps stop better.

DV3K models are all pre-CTg. My Attacks and RZR's brake better than Zipps. Also, if you're not going for 2014 model Zipps then you get poorly designed hubs that will grenade on you.

Completely disagree and I've ridden Reynolds 32s and 46s with the CTG. I like Reynolds wheels, but I find they still brake worse than Zipps. I haven't had a problem with either hubs.

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by FIJIGabe

I Recently did some hilly rides on my 303's over the last three months. Most of the rides had long, straight decents leading to climbs, so braking wasn't much of an issue. Last weekend, however, I did a couple of rides in and around Austin, TX. Although the hills aren't particularly high, they are steep and winding, requiring a lot of braking to control your decent, as there are oncoming cars. I can say that the Firecrest/Zipp Platinum pad combination provides much better control and grip (in dry conditions) than the Reynolds CtG/Cryo-Blue (previous gen) combination. With the Reynolds, control was an issue. You would hit the brake, and hit them hard, whereas the Zipps provide better responsiveness and braking ability.
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by gitsome

Back to the original post:

When we weighed 202 vs 404 FC clinhcers, the difference was less than 200g, I lbeleive less than 150 g, seems like if you are gonna go for 202 might as well do 404 and get far better aerodynamics as far as I can see. I love my 404. Compared to Edge 45 tubs w Alchemy they are damn good though not as fast accelerating and easy to hold at speed nor as agile, but really solid and confidence-inspiring. Mine are 2012 w the v8 hub I guess...waiting for it to explodee any day now.. :roll:
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by mattyNor

@Dammit no one could get a decent deal at my shop through the NA supplier either :(

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