Internal cam skewers with titanium shafts?

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by crimsonbadger

I'm using some XT skewers for my road disc wheels (100mm spacing front, 135mm rear). Based on past experience, I only considered internal cam skewers, though the standard offerings from Shimano and Campagnolo are pretty hefty (~130g set).

I considered picking up a set of Tune AC14 or 16/17 but was cautioned that the cam doesn't have a mechanical stop and can rotate 360 degrees. Are there other light, well made internal cam skewers out there? I imagine these becoming more desirable as many move to road discs.

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by drainyoo

The Tune AC14 are the lightest that I know of. There is also the DT Swiss RWS Titan that is 45g, but it's not really a cam design. Don't know of any other light options with internal cams.

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by Wingnut

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by crimsonbadger

Wingnut wrote:

Those are beautiful, but I'm pretty sure they're steel. I've seen set weight quoted at 140g.

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by 2old4this

I've recently bought a pair of tune skyline skewers. They are 17.1gr (mounting tool is another 3.8gr)
they are surely light but they creek if I do not use carbon paste.

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by Causidicus

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by barsook77

DT Swiss RWS Titan = Awesome

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by grover

The skewers that come with top end Mavic Crossmax MTB wheels are 90grams with titanium shaft and internal cam. Very good clamping force. I've hoarded a few sets away over the years for my cross wheels.

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by Martin.F

I also have great experience with Mavic titaniums. Rock solid set and forget action at a decent weight. Don't see any negatives compared to Shimano, Campagnolo etc.
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by landdnl

I'm ready to put the Tune U20 skewers(external cam of course) through the ringer in a couple of days after I get my shift/brake cables in for my new bike build. They've been on the wheels for a couple of months now without any loosening, but have not seen any riding time yet. Very aero, sleek, and, oh yes, very light! You do have to handle them with 'kid gloves' in a way, but if you use them the way you're suppose to, it seems they're durable.

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