2012 FSA Cranks w/Red BBright Logo

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by armcomdes

I'm trying to get info on either removing or coloring over the Red BB Logo on the FSA cranks that came with my 2012 R3 Team Ultegra. I got a warranty replacement frame that is 2014 black/blue and the original frame was 2012 black/red. I just want to make it "purdy".

I've read many ideas from repainting the entire arm to using an artist marker to cover it up.

I was looking more for some type of solvent that would remove the graphics and leave the black of the crank arm intact. It looks like the two are painted with different processes (the logos are a paint transfer and the crank arm is some kind of in production coating - anodized?).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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by dogg

I've had luck removing printed logos on cranks and other parts with acetone (nail polish remover) and some fine grade steel wool (#00 or #000)

you can get both at the dollar store.

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