Most aero position for out front Garmin mount?

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by neeb

Also durability (waterproofing, toughness etc) and ergonomics. The latter is quite important when your interaction is restricted to frenzied jabs and swipes while riding.

But mainly accuracy and battery life - you can have the thing permanently backlit and displaying data while you are riding and never need to worry about it going flat as long as you recharge it every few rides.

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by Nicos

This thread deserves my 30th post :p

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by spartan

reviving this thread due to this nugget of info from gurus of aero.

New bars

The S5's radical new aero drop bars were tested by Cervelo as being the most aerodynamic on the market.

They fit a standard 31.8mm stem and Cervelo says that a regular stem actually tested faster than an aero one – and that adding a Garmin to the top of the stem made things faster still. The bars are also available as an aftermarket component for US$400. ... 015-42254/
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by nigel379

I read that and was surprised as well. Clearly the extended part of the bar breaks creates a large enough wake that the garmin takes up that space, smoothing out the flow. My question is that wouldn't a front mount (that aligns flush with the stem) work nearly as well as Cervelo's new bar? They admit the bar is only about 1 watt faster than the similar Zipp SL-70 aero, so maybe the difference is negligible with a front mount. Or maybe I am wrong.

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