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by brearley

I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to an srm mount.
most places i've found on the web are £21 for the mount which is fine but these places also charge £6 for postage.
are there any off the shelf mounts for things like cheap computers or lights?
or any other alternatives i've got?
i'm looking at putting one on my track bike under the saddle however i may just purchase a saddle bag for £2 and strap that on instead. I don't particularly want to be swapping the one mount i have between 3 bikes.

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by 5 8 5 have SRM mounts including a saddle mount but I don't think you'll like the price......

by Weenie

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by Stolichnaya

Please don't take my comment as being mean spirited, but I think there is a disconnect.
You are riding an SRM, which is a serious and expensive piece of kit, but not willing to shell out 6 GBP in shipping for a proper mount?
Seems you need three mounts in total, so order the other two from the same place and save on the shipping! 2-fer!

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by brearley

i understand what you're saying but I only have the pc7 (have use of srm but don't own one)
I'm using the PC7 for data analysis so would like to use it on road bike, training bike and track.
It makes it a pita to swap every time and contrary to what you think I am on a budget. Some sites seam to list Oversize, standard and allow narrow. for the pc7 i'm guessing I need oversize narrow which they don't advertise apart from the allow which is £30 more expensive again.

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by Causidicus


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