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by tantra

I've been riding with an Mcfk setback seatpost for about 1000 mi on my Seven bike. I paid 283 euro from the factory in Germany. It's fully custom, you specifiy your weight, the type of riding you do, and your desired range for seatpost clamping. Mine weighed 85 g. The hardware was nice Ti. The finish was great although I prefer the square-3k weave over the twill pattern, but I think twill performs better. The carbon work is very confidence-inspiring. The rocker and post head fit together like lapped metal parts. The piece feels stout, as if it weighed more than it really does. One of the bolts that secure the rocker is through the axis of the post. This makes great structural sense, but it's less convenient than two exposed bolts. It makes changing the angle harder on the road. But the angle can be set very precisely in the shop. Mine hasn't slipped or squeeked once, even over rough descending roads. I think because of the machined fit. It's way lighter than the Enve post, and probably just as well made. Anyhow, I can't wait to get a matching Mcfk stem when they come out in 2014.

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by Juanmoretime

I have had mine for over a year. Does exactly what I expect. No flex and no creep or creaking. It also came within in 1 gram of advertised weight. I'm running a 31.6mm X 350mm. :thumbup:

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

I've been riding an ISP topper from MCFK for 3-4 seasons and it's been great; no issues.

I look forward to adding more MCFK parts to my bike. Their saddle is intriguing and I'm holding out for a 26.0 bar.

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by drainyoo

I really love the MCFK line, and now that they're coming out with a stem, I'm thinking of getting the entire cockpit. A nice chunk of change, though, and I'm not sure the parts can handle my 207lb weight.

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by campagnolo321

I've just ordered direct from Martin at MCFK a custom 27.2 x 250 UD matt fonish for a 80gk rider, hopefully should come in under 100, unfortunately the UD finish adds a few grams but its more to match the matt finish on a Canyon than weight saving.

Will keep yee all posted once received.

I guess this was a post about a post ( hopefully no ones said that before )

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by sugarkane

I brought a seat clamp from a friend who had ordered the wrong size, it was a 15mm clamp and as it sat a little higher than the top of the seat tube it developed a slight crack on the inside face, Martin sold me a 12mm clamp direct for under half price too replace it. I rate his products and his after sales service very highly. And I like the fact he uses stickers, he understands the ways of the weight weenie... I wish the Taiwanese crowd would get that...

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by RyanH

Since I had to replace my crashed saddle, I also picked up a UD mcfk saddle and clamp. Looking forward to getting it in a couple of weeks. Their products are awesome.
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by Wcl4

I prefer mcfk to AX. Stiffer, lightweight, higher max weight limit. Mcfk generally fabricates to 100kg weight, so drainyoo should be ok. Email Martin, he's very responsive.

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by robhall2003

My MCFK carbon saddle is super comfortable. I took a bit of a gamble when I ordered this but I can honestly say that due to the amount of flex this saddle has it is more comfortable than many so called 'padded' saddles.

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by Illuminate

I'm looking forward to one day being light enough to actually ride some of these beautiful parts :)

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by Oswald

And I'm looking forward to one day being rich enough :mrgreen:

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by coloclimber

++ on MCFK. I have been riding their road bars for half a year now and just got the setback seatpost as well to match. The inside of the post of thinner at the bottom and thicker where the clamp is- well thought out and executed design. The finish is superb and the stiffness vs weight of the bars is excellent. I am a huge fan. Can't wait for the stem to come out.
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