Coombe to be reintroduced! Millenninum II pedal launch.

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by stcact

dwaharvey wrote "I ride a lot and I'm still using Coombe pedals from 12 years ago, along with cleats from 8 years ago!" That's impressive. I'll give you that one. But as someone who's 66kgs, I'm willing to sacrifice some durability for lightweight. There is no point cutting my seatpost short as safely possible, or removing the top cap an compression fitting from my steering tube, replacing steel bolts for titanium just to put all back with heavy pedals. Please don't take me wrong, I try to keep in mind one man's idea of weight weenie is not for everyone. I'm also impressed with how long you've kept those pedals, I don't have anything that's been around that long on my current ride.

by Weenie

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by mythical

Yea, one clear advantage of Coombe pedals has been their durability. Another is their biomechanical efficiency, though it's not immediately apparent from the cleat design.

Also, their stack heigh is very low (10mm for 3-bolt/SPD-SL bolt pattern), and in my view this counts more than weight. In comparison, Speedplay cleats with 3-bolt adapters have a stack height of 11.8mm. That said, without adapter Speedplays are said to have a stack height of only 8.8mm.

As a personal tweak, I drilled my 3-bolt soles with 4 bolt holes and mounted my cleats directly onto the sold with the curved wedges from the adapter to attain the low stack height, although I got rid of those shoes with cleats last year and gave the pedals to a friend who already rode Speedplay.

I'm not sure which Coombe cleat position to pick yet but I expect to have that figured it out by the time they'll be available.
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