Enve Compact Flex

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by Briscoelab

Can't wait for that review Madcow!

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by carbonLORD

I do not find them overly flexy.

I have Enve compact and 3T Ergonova Team Stealth, both 42.

I weigh 96 Kilo and find the Enve have less flex then the 3T.

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by indywagon

I tried the Enve Compact bar last season and didn't notice any bar flex, but at 5'7" and 135 pounds, I don't really stress my bars that much. In fact, I have always thought the whole discussion of bar flex was a little ridiculous, until I tried the Shimano Pro Stealth Evo, as noted earlier. Their refusal to yield even a little bit is very noticeable. And if you don't like the Ergo bend, perhaps you might try the compact bend - which has a more traditional curve.

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by KWalker

As I said, its not paramount, but for whatever reason I don't find it very confidence inspiring and I'm not so supple that I need extra shock absorption.
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by Tamu8104

I have two sets of ENVE compact 42s and haven't noticed any flex in either (74kg so a mid-weight). I had Williams Elan CS previously and thought they were flexy. Very curious to see what FWB test show.
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by Briscoelab

I never found them to not be confidence inspiring or really flex feeling (Enve or 3T), until I rode the Pro Vibe carbons. They've spoiled me. Now I pretty much have to run those bars or other brands aluminum.

Now, if I switched and none of my bikes had something as stiff as the Pro bars... I'd probably never notice and get used to them again.

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