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by DartanianX


Looking into purchasing a 2014 Merida Scultura 907 and was told my Sram Red Quarq may not fit. The Merida currently has a FSA BB386evo BB and Crank. I assume swapping a GXP BB in would allow me to run my Quarq?

I was told the OD of the BB shell and the recess on the Quarq may not be compatible.

Does anyone know if this is possible?


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by LoggingMiles

From the Quarq website:

"5. BB386EVO
We do not currently offer a power meter that works on bikes with a BB386EVO bottom bracket. We have tried to install ELSA 10R, RIKEN 10R and SRAM RED GXP and BB30 power meters on several bikes with BB386EVO bottom brackets, including Wilier and BH bikes, without success."

There is a BB386EVO reducer though that allows GXP cranks to fit. I have no knowledge of Merida, but should work fine. ... 09__400909

If not, looks like a Stages Power Meter is in your future.

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by lanternrouge

My understanding from when I talked with Quarq was that none of the models would work on my BB386 frame (a BH). There is an SRM based on the FSA K Force light that's made for BB386 frames, but you are talking about almost twice as much. It may also be worth looking into whether the Power2Max may work, as someone else has already noted Stages as another possibility.

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by LoggingMiles

Call Quarq, they generally have good customer service. Ask them about the FSA BB386EVO to GXP reducer and see if they have had anyone use it with success.

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