Custom Fibulas done!

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by UpFromOne

Picked up the alu bits from the anodizer this morning, and just finished re-assembly.
I'm a sucker for anything red & black!
159g complete w/ pads & hardware!


by Weenie

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by coppercook62

Those are nice

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by trilocus

Very nice brakes

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Great! I like the personal touch.
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by Knoxxy

Sweet job, those look amazing!

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by morrisond

Were they difficult to take apart?

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by pReTeNd3r

Nice combination of colour

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by drainyoo

Very nice. Well done.

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by mythical

Diggin' the red 'n carbon contrast. :thumbup:

Small remark; how come the pad holders weren't anodized red?
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by barsook77

Lookin' good!

by Weenie

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by UpFromOne

Hey thanks all!

I kept the pad holders black because that might have been too much color overall.
And I did not polish the parts prior to anodizing because I was going for the matte color finish, rather than shiny.

morrisond, as far as disassembly, the parts are well thought out and very precisely machined.
You need a very small snap-ring pliers for the c-clips, and the center (axle) parts between the carbon arms (4 per brake) just push out with a bit of pressure.
Not incl.the holders there are 10 separate small parts per brake.

I also shortened the cable entry piece (a 2-pc screw), which stuck out from the caliper mount unnecessarily (ie without added function).

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