I don't kown the proper wheel that I will buy.

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by jasonpark

I can't decide the proper wheelset that I will buy.
I have the fulcrum racing zero night with colnago road bike.
But, I am not satisfied with this wheelset because this is not suitable for both climbing & speed riding.
Finally, I decide that I change this to the new carbone wheelset.
So I chose three wheelsets of ZIPP404, BORAULTRA50 & Reynolds aero 46.
But, I can't make final decision.
Can you help me ?
I want to be satisfied with climbing & speed riding.

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by pdlpsher1

You will get many different answers but honestly I think any one of the mentioned wheels will be just fine for you. I've been climbing on deep section wheels and I like them enough to not want to buy a set of shallow section wheels just for climbing. Remember, what goes up must come down :mrgreen: What that being said I have a set of Campy Boras 50's coming to replace my Shimano C50 clinchers.

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by LeeCH

I think bora ultra is the best item for you. That is light and good to help power up.

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by island

@jasonpark - not sure where you are based but I noticed this last week - https://www.merlincycles.com/campagnolo ... 93084.html
Bora Ultra 50's on sale - out of stock at the moment but might come back in?

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by lannes

I'd recomend the Reynolds Aero 46, the extra rim width 26.2mm allows you to put a wider tubular on it for a great ride. Mine weighted in at 1180g

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