Would you do this with a lightweight bike?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Hbrown

IN A HEARTBEAT! Makes you feel alive just watching it. God, I love decents. http://api.viglink.com/api/click?format ... 9082574829

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by AGW

Honestly, I wouldn't want to hit 80mph on any bike. Too many external factors become significant at those speeds on a push bike.

by Weenie

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by drainyoo

That's insane. Would love to ride that decent. He almost ate it on that turn passing the other rider.

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by Yiannis-Super 6.

22 minutes? No thanks.
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by kac

I wouldn't do it in a car, much less a bike.

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by tinozee

That guy has some vids from the Red Bull Road Rage finals series on his YT channel. One shows a guy win with road disc brakes. They are great descenders. 50 fine, 60 nervy and less fun, but 80 is sick!

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by mrfish

It's the indian not the arrow. I start thinking about insurance premiums, what the crash would look like, how much skin I'd lose and how long I'd spend in hospital above 50mph on my bike.

I find skiing a bit more forgiving of crazy speeds as the "road" is wider, there are no car drivers expecting you to be doing 20mph and you can wear more clothes, back protector etc.

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by FIJIGabe

You'd only spend about 30 minutes in the hospital, since they'd wheel you to the morgue, which is in a different building ;)
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by stephen@fibre-lyte

Not bad, a little bit reckless on an open road and still 30mph slower than what Guy Martin did motor pacing behind a truck on UK television recently

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by ianeire

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by woz9683

Give me a nice tight, twisty descent at 30-50mph any day. It's not the speed that bothers me, it's the hard braking required to get you through that tight corner at the end of a 60mph+ section, just doesn't feel right.

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by Mr.Gib

I am not impressed. The shadow shows the guy hanging his knee out as counter balance on gentle sweeping curves. That's slow chickensh*t. He needs to get his weight off his ass, dig into the pedal, tuck in, get aero, lower the center of Gravity, and lean the bike over. Ventoux is a relatively mellow, non technical descent. And his line is way off a fair bit of the time even considering it is an open road (although he has a good section about when he enters the trees). Both entrance and exits to curves are often missed. Sort of hack amateur stuff (Red Bull, Road Rage champion, blah, blah, whatever).

Also the 131 kph figure has me suspicious. I have descended many major passes and never hit near that speed. In a full tuck I rarely see 100 kph even on the steepest bits and I weigh 190 lbs. You would need sustained, straightaway grade approaching 20% to get near that speed, tailwind too probably. Steepest part of Ventoux is a little over 10% at the very top IIRC, So I call BS. The fastest recorded speed I have heard of for pros racing was 120 kph for Sean Kelly once on the Tourmalet.

Nice steady camera shot though.
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by ChiZ01

what would his mother say when she watch this

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by glepore

I wouldn't do the outside line bit where he passes the slower bike, on any bike, any day. Sorry.
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by Weenie

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by tinozee

I saw the shadows of the weird form too and the loose pants! 80mph is a little unbelievable but I always give people the benefit of doubt. There are a couple other gopro vids out there that look even faster with more road traffic. Really sick stuff. I'll try to find.

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