Fork steerer tube too short! What can be done?

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Dear WW,

I have been recently offer to buy over an exotic carbon fork from a good buddy whose gave up cycling due to health issues (not the main focus here).
It is none other than THM Scapula (I don't know if it is the older Scapula or newer SP but what the heck anyway :beerchug: ) Fork, and it looked like new as the owner hardly ride these days after the purchases.

This fork in question is the one I have been drooling over but but the "M" was the obstacle, and still am till date.
I shall not mentioned the fork I using as I do not wish to create an illusion that brand A is inferior that the mentioned fork.
( All I can say is the current fork received great recommendation locally and online and was a attraction, but way cheaper and heavier than THM. )

He is offering me an bargain with the cost I couldn't resist, and to top it all I was the first one he thought of.
How that for an buddy.
(I bet he knew I was eyeing it since the purchases as I did share my desires with some close cycling buddies)

My queries is this:-
- My current fork is giving me backache after 1 hour of ride. I asked LBS to add spacer but it does not help much as the steerer length is at its maximum height. The mechanic have cut it a little shorter than required during installation.
Could an replacement fork with slightly higher steerer length resolves my aching problem (don't have to be THM)
- For those using Scapula fork, any feedback?


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by legs 11

If the steerer tube is too low the only fix is to change the stem angle or maybe change the bars to a shape that holds the levers higher?
I'm using a shallow ergo bar and the height of the levers and the bottom of the bars is noticably higher.
I had a similar proble with my old C40, when I cut the steerer many years ago I was much more flexible and used to race regularly, now it's just too low for by old back on long rides. A mix of one extra 10mm spacer and changing the bars has done the trick for me. 8)
I'd double check your top tube length and stem are correct first, maybe try shortening slightly, then try the bar change.
Good luck.
Pedalling Law Student.

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