frame weight for 2014 SuperSix EVO 3?

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by chiltonp

Curious as to the weight of the lower-end EVOs this year. I have seen conflicting information in a few places, some say they are around 950g, some say closer to 100g.

I'm currently riding a 2010 SuperSix with 1st generation RED. I am considering the 2014 EVO 3 Ultegra, this seems to be a great bang for the buck that could be pretty nice with a crank and wheel upgrade.

My concern is however, at that price-point will the 2014 EVO frame be any lighter/better than my 2010 SuperSix?

I appreciate any insight.

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by Ian123


I'm in a very similar predicament. I have a 2010 supersix with ultegra 6700, the bike is fantastic... But... The new evo red 22 (not HM) is on sale at the local bike shop and it's a tempting proposition.

Unfortunately the high mod red racing (dream bike) isn't shipped to Australia, so I'm left wondering if I'll feel any notable benefit by going to the new evo and new red 22.

My limited understanding is that the old supersix was in the 1050g region and the new evo is sub 950g. With the change in group sets offering about 500g of saving. Reviews for both the old and new supersixs are great, but I'd like to hear what people who have had both think. Alternatively is doing custom build with red 22 and a HM frame the best option? I can't stand the "team" paint job !


by Weenie

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