Gloves at the Intersection of Warmest and Least Restrictive

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by donham1

Evening Weenies! Forgive me if this has been disc'd before, but I am looking for gloves that will keep my hands warm, yet don't restrict movement. Lobsters and mittens are out for me, can't stand them. I'd buy some of those fancy bar mitts if they weren't so darn ugly.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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by sanrensho

Depends on how warm you need them to be. I am a big fan of Defeet Dura Wool gloves, but I start to think about thicker gloves when the temps dip down into the lower single digits.

by Weenie

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by jeffy

i am very happy with my gore power softshell gloves down to freezing. have not tried them below.

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by blasdelf

"Ninja Ice" work gloves are fantastic and super cheap, with a built in fleece liner and an outer that's only waterproofed on the palm and fingers so the back still flexes and breathes

there's a nice High Viz version as well, which is a little warmer with a little less dexterity since they're coated to the knuckles

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by spookyload

Size is important in warmth. Winter gloves shouldn't be tight and restricting like summer gloves. Just like winter boots, if you get them too tight, they will start to restrict blood flow and make them feel colder.

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by Rick

One of my most useful gloves have been this model Wells-Lamont that you can get at Walmart for about $15
They have thinsulate insulation and neoprene on the back. They breathe just a little so your hands don't get damp and clammy. I've used them comfortably down to about
40 F
Obviously they are not good for the coldest temps and they are made rather cheaply, but they will last at least on year. I think I am on my third season using them.
I have some Castelli Estremos that are MUCH nicer construction, but I don't think they are really actually much warmer. Maybe a little.
And I also have some LG Supershield Lobster gloves for more extreme conditions, but they are very bulky.

As noted above, fit is very important in the cold. If the gloves constrict your fingers it negates any insulation.

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by Rick

***double post deleted ***

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by arthurf

I've got a set of the Gore Power windstopper gloves which have been great down to 0 deg and very unrestrictive

by Weenie

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