road disc frame sets

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by bm0p700f

As I said I want a frame that is like my early 90's Trek so fancy pants it has to be.

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by eric

Dammit wrote:That's a mudguard eyelet.

Oh, good.

by Weenie

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by CharlesM

It wouldnt have been in tension down low.

The axle sits below the caliper with the rotor moving toward the fork.

Heat and vibration would have been the issue if it were a caliper mount.

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by pushstart

CharlesM wrote:The axle sits below the caliper with the rotor moving toward the fork.

As long as he didn't try to use his brakes to prevent the bike from rolling backwards! :) (but obviously you are right that forces will generally be against the fork)

Such a shame to blemish the Enve fork, but I guess there are no carbon road disc forks with fender mounts (yet)?

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by Dammit

That was a test on a spare pair of ENVE forks:


The final thing is a bit more refined.

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by Benno

It might not be what this crowd considers to be exotic but to me it's the most gorgeous road bike I've ever seen. The reasons for going disc are obvious to me. They perform better at braking and feel like a higher quality product therefore making my riding more enjoyable. I've been waiting for road disc for a long time and was not disappointed. I even bought it a playmate.


Light. Strong. Cheap. Pick one.

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by jeffy

bm0p700f wrote:Aside from the Genesis equilibrium disc which is heavy steel (I don't mind light steel) what road disc frame set are about.

If I can't find one I like I will either have to go for the genesis or get a custom frame made.



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