Light wheels can accomodate Veloflex 700x22 tires?

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by mrowkoob

I use tubeless setups for winter nowadays (Hutchinson and Schwalbe tires). No punctures for the last two seasons with the exception of hitting a pothole hard and ripping up a major gash in the tire. If you have trouble with a tire being too tight you van either stretch them by hand, mount them for a while on another wheelset or heat them making them more supple (for example in a tumbler). I use veloflex in the summer and they are very supple to mount compared to many other brands in my experience.
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by SpinnerTim

The road tubeless sounds like a good idea for bulk winter training miles. Run low pressure for frost-heaves and pot holes, self-seal punctures, and still have potential to mount a tube if you must. My only concern would be that last part: mounting a tube.

Frigid winter temperatures lashing your bare hands while trying to wrangle a carbon-beaded tire is enough to make me consider trying the kevlar-beaded Bontrager tubeless variants. I have yet to hear any horror stories, and I've read quite a few reports that they hit their rated widths and then some.

Obviously, this is only an option if the OP decides to swap his wheels after all.


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by barsook77

Why spend all this money on a great frame and then attach cheap tires???

I know ... it's a rhetorical question. :roll:

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