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by sm4100

Know what?... every time I receive a notification from tapatalk I expect some good news from this post but seems that the level will not improve and because it wasted my time all these replies from this guy I hate this stupid ipump even more. Good or bad I will never try this rubish and I don't care anymore if it pumps 1200 PSI with 10 strokes or any other marketing lies. There are a lot of serious companies on this business doing great and affordable pumps so forget this guy and his miraculous pump. Shut up Morris, swallow your pump and go cycling

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by Weenie

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by sedluk

Remember guys that this is the weight weenie forum, not the “pull on your heavy pump forum”.

You guys can sit around pulling on your heavy pump while I am riding round with my new iPump. When I saw a new 21 gram pump, without hesitating I ordered 3 of them. They are fantastic, and no, I will not be counting pumps to 150 psi or posting youtube videos, I will be out riding my bike with my new iPump stowed away so that I do not even know it is there.

In all seriousness, looks to me like a nice quality light weight pump and it pumps up my tires just fine. Probably not much better than other light weight pumps, but enough to get me home and the thing is amazingly light and looks and feels high quality.


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by RimClencher

ipump wrote:Hi everyone, its me, Morris!!
The largest bicycle magazine in Japan CYCLE SPORTS JAPAN is writing an article about my iPUMP and IPUMPMICRO. I gave them both pumps as well as an analog pressure measuring device, so hopefully they will show the pressure and number of strokes it takes to pump up.

I am in Japan, so let us know which issue the review is in and I can see what they write.

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by desperado95219

Good post sedluk. I agree.!

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by BRM

3 ugly pumps on a gay carpet doesn't make a review . . . .


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by sm4100

Fully agree BRM. How could someone spending almost 300 bucks on a bunch of ugly pumps be even impartial on a review. We need a serious reviewer here not a pump collector.

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by ipump

Hi Everyone, This is Morris. Its a great day in Tokyo.
The publisher of CYCLE SPORT JAPAN informed me that the article on iPUMPMICRO and iPUMP should appear in their MAY issue.
I am still waiting for bicycle frame eating superman to take up my challenge!!
Safe riding,

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by dogg

lolllll i love this dude.

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by prendrefeu

So can anyone actually use this pump to give us a verified analysis?
Sedluk you have three of these - excellent. Since you're going to be relying on these when you're stuck out there on the road, why not give it a try first in the relative comfort of your own home? Could you fully deflate a tire (with tube in it, obviously), and then re-inflate to say 100psi? 110psi? Could you tell us how many strokes it took to get to that point?

You said that it's enough to get you home. There is no doubting that! Even the worst pump in the world will, eventually, get a tire up to an adequate PSI/BAR pressure to get someone 'home'. The question we're asking, however, is how long does that actually take?

Simple enough, no? I mean, if you have the pump and clearly you're going to be taking it with you, would it not be in your own best interest to give it a try first before hitting the road? You could then share the results with us, so we (you + WW community) both learn something. If it fulfills it's claims, wonderful. DMF gets to eat his bicycle. If it doesn't, then well it's another pump with some pumped up claims and we all move on. We really, really don't need to wait for a magazine, which received the pump for free, to review it for us.

Thank you, it would be very much appreciated.

Why are we asking that? Because sometimes pumps are used mid-ride, not to get us home. For example on an ultra last year I had one flat on the rear wheel. Simple enough, no? But upon inflation which didn't take too long because it wasn't very many strokes, a second blowout on the sidewall of the tire. That meant a tire boot + new tube, plus I had another +120miles left in the ride. Anyway, this was a "race" and time was an issue (but, knowing shit like that happens, I carried a pump, not a C02 cartridge).... and it takes a long time to pump up a tire depending on the abilities of the pump. Which lead us to the meat of the question here: how many strokes (which can signify relative time) does it take to pump a tire up from 0psi to 100/110psi with this 21 gram pump?
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by BRM

Dear Morris,

There are already minipumps on the market for longer time. There are always lots of complaints that these in general promise a lot but don’t work at all.
When you decided to make a minipump you could have known people would speak out their doubts. No abracadabra here.

You could have taken away doubts BEFORE you even released your pump(s).
It’s your own decision not being proactive, please don’t complain because everyone could have seen this coming.

Now people ask ‘en mass’ for a thorough review. They need to have real proof to believe.
They don’t get proof from you, they become little bit more aggressive because they don’t like to be fooled.
Who can blame them?
Instead of understanding this all and correcting your lack, the only thing you do is coming with counter attacks. You try to change the focus into other direction away from the core.

Because you don’t come with a simple answer on their simple question, and seem to avoid, for the majority of people this is a sign you and your pump are a scam.
Just one of the many minipumps available that works mediocre and also much too expensive.
(I just give a representation of the facts and general thoughts)


A review that matters is not so simple. We need quality reviews . The way a review is done is very important.
You need to bring in the right testing parameters and then you need also the right interpretation of the outcomes.
When I look to reviews of magazines these are often full of lacks. You can’t take the outcomes serious.

Testing needs to be done in real world conditions.
Its not only important how much pressure it can deliver max (capacity), but also what is need to get a roadtire filled enough for normal (home) driving. (usability)
How many strokes does it need to get a tire filled to pressure-x and pressure-x2 (effectivity)
You know the minipump SKS Sub40? Its flimsy, after a few strokes you suddenly hold parts in 2 hands. (robustness)
Its not only important how it performs once but if it collapse with second or third use, its not much worth. (durability)
When your hands are little bit wet because of sweat or mild rain, does the pump have enough grips? (condition specific issue)
Are there vulnerable parts? Can these be changed? Is maintenance easy? (maintainability)
Are there spareparts included or available? (service)

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by pitbull

Just watch this Ipump pumping: http://youtu.be/UcKjNRhapEo 200 strokes to 70 psi

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by sm4100

Bad video.... the tire was not flat... low PSI on the gauge doesn't mean flat. There were surely hundreds of strokes earlier for that tire to start building some initial pressure as it shows when he started to pump. What a waste of time here, there is no way 200 strokes can reach 70 psi on a flat flat tire with such small volume pump come on guys, this is not rocket science. Do these guys really think we need to be scientists to get that? With a Lezyne road Drive I have pumped more than 250 strokes to reach something near 90 psi on a flat 23c. And we are talking about a quality pump twice as big. So you just fool yourself with such videos.

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by Butcher

Sales 101, you're not suppose to sell your item for all the stuff it can't do. You'll probably not going to last long. You are suppose to boast about all the good things it does. Since most people are gullible, they will not notice the that the tire was slightly inflated and most other pumps have failed. There are several people that will buy it because they will do little/no research. And you know what P.T. Barnum said.

That said, it looks like a robust pump that will take most of the day to get you back on the road with a properly inflated tire.

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by mattr

sm4100 wrote:So you just fool yourself with such videos.
but let us not forget, the pump is 100% efficient and made on one of those new fangled CEE.ENN.CEE machines.

So that's got to make the claims genuine.

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by sm4100

lol.. you're right, funny guys 100% efficiency from a pump at this size would still mean a tone of strokes to get some very mediocre psi but ok ok ok they think all customers are still riding tricycles. What is also funny is the spring they fit into the seat post to spit the pump out of the frame when you need lol. This is how they advertise the pump "now you can buy the lightest air pump ever made, 100% bla bla bla and you can add a huge steel spring probably weighting more than the pump itself into the frame, shaking inside like hell and when you need it you stop your bike, release the clamp (keep your tool kit at hands) remove the seat post and get the pump flying right on your face" man I laughed hard for an hour when I saw that s**t. What a practical application. Imagine a pro cyclist stopped on the hard shoulder, removing the seat post and poking something inside the frame to see if some flying pump get out of there, that would be some hilarious scene on a tour de France wouldn't it? I think Morris used to be a comedian before messing around those ultra CNC machines lol

by Weenie

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