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by ipump

Hi everyone, its me Morris the inventor of iPUMP!!
I want to thank you guys again for all your great comments!!!
I have made my next iPUMP and i names it iPUMP TWIST.
It allows you to reach 100 -120psi very comfortably.
You can see it on my last kickstarter.com
I hope you will enjoy watching the two videos showing stress tests of how strong the pump is.
The iPUMP TWIST was inspired by you guys. Thank you so much!!!
I truly appreciate your comments.
Safe riding,

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by Illuminate

Great work, Morris! Watched the vid - particularly enjoyed the stress test (I have kids too).

All the best!

by Weenie

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by asc8ic

What a wasted bullshit....

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by Wookski

I decided to pull the trigger on the iPump twist after months of frustration with the weight and performance of my Silca pocket impero. I had pretty low expectations of its performance given the reviews on this site but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The presta connection is quite effective- just need to be gentle with screwing and unscrewing. The pumping performance was acceptable- it took me just over 2 minutes to reach 70 PSI on a 25mm corsa control tubular. I have donated the Silca to a mate so that’s all my Silca products gone. Yay!

This is a cool little pump.


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by froze

That was a good review, but I'm the kind of guy that doesn't want a pump just to put some lower amount of air then my typical riding PSI so I can go home, NO, I want to continue my ride.

I had a record of pumps that I tried but the computer HD failed however I found another forum where I posted this info before. I do own most of these pumps yet. The pumps that I currently have are the only ones out of at least a dozen others I had to send back because they wouldn't even get to 70 psi! And ALL of those failed pumps, in fact even the ones that I kept said they could get to 160...yeah I like to see a factory rep do that!

I've owned a Road Drive and have no problems with it after using it for 5 years, and of all the mini's I have that one gets to my PSI of 110 (on a rear 23c tire) with less strokes and less physical exertion. What people fail to realize with the Lezyne Road Drive is that they come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, so they read the raving reviews and get the small one because for the need to be a weight weenie and then due to that you pay the price for getting the small one that won't get to 100 or so and it takes 600 strokes to get to whatever max it can get to. The large one, which is the one I have, instead gets to 110 in 250 strokes. This pump has a bleed button so you never will pull the valve core out, but so far I haven't had any issue and haven't used the button.

I also have the Lezyne Pressure Drive mini, this one is more suited for lower pressure tires but I did manage to muscle it to 80 psi which by then I was pretty tired, I originally use this for my MTB but I also use this pump as my emergency backup pump when I tour because those tires I only need 75 max in the rear.

The other mini pump that works good, but not as well as the Road Drive, is the Topeak Racerocket HP, but this one takes about 400 strokes to get to 110 psi and with more exertion toward the end vs the Road Drive. I've had this one for about 8 years.

This next pump I have is no longer made, and it's the SKS Wese Carbon Raceday, this is my only direct connect pump, meaning there is no hose. This pump is my smallest and lightest, but it does get to 110 psi in about 310 strokes, if my memory serves me correctly. This one the barrel gets quite hot but that's because CF doesn't dissipate the heat well at all. This pump was a warranty replacement after an SKS Puro blew out the top and bottom of the pump after it got to around 45 psi, and that took a huge effort on my part to get that thing to reach 45 and then BOOM!

The other pump I have is NOT a true mini regardless what Topeak says it is, it's more of a half frame pump, and that's the Road Morph G (G means gauge). This one gets to 110 in about 160 strokes quite easily, but it's also heavy and ugly, and the mounting system sucks. This was my original main pump for my touring bike, but I didn't like the looks of it so I got the below pump for the main pump

The next pump I have is the Zefal HPX full frame pump, I have one from the early 80's that barely puts out air anymore, so I bought the newest one this year and that works better than the Topeak Road Morph! I haven't tested it to 110 because I use it on my touring bike which I only take it to 75, but it has larger volume tires, but I haven't yet bother to count the strokes, if anyone's interested on the strokes to 110 in a 23c tire I can do that.

My last pump is an old Silca Impero with a Campy head, I used this one quite a bit before I got my first Zefal, it's still puts out air better than the old Zefal does, and it's in almost new condition, and because it's almost new condition I have retired it to a bookshelf. I wanted a sturdy pump to beat dogs with while training so I got the Zefal, but I saved the Silca for racing events, of course this was back in the day before mini's. The Silca, and the old Zefal had no issue getting 110 psi and did so fairly quickly from what I can remember at around 50 to 70 strokes.

I had another mini pump called the Torelli (I can't recall the model) this thing was really small, the smallest pump I've ever had, but the darn thing could get to 95, I threw this out when after about 8 years when it blew a gasket.

Anyway I hope this info was helpful, and questions about any of the pumps I mentioned I'll be more than glad to answer. One last thing, I seriously doubt there are more than 2 to maybe 4 other mini pumps on the market that I haven't listed that can get to 100 psi, I do think pumps are improving but it's taking companies a very long time to do that.

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