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by ipump

Hi everyone, its me Morris the inventor of iPUMP!!
I want to thank you guys again for all your great comments!!!
I have made my next iPUMP and i names it iPUMP TWIST.
It allows you to reach 100 -120psi very comfortably.
You can see it on my last kickstarter.com
I hope you will enjoy watching the two videos showing stress tests of how strong the pump is.
The iPUMP TWIST was inspired by you guys. Thank you so much!!!
I truly appreciate your comments.
Safe riding,

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by Illuminate

Great work, Morris! Watched the vid - particularly enjoyed the stress test (I have kids too).

All the best!

by Weenie

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by asc8ic

What a wasted bullshit....

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by Wookski

I decided to pull the trigger on the iPump twist after months of frustration with the weight and performance of my Silca pocket impero. I had pretty low expectations of its performance given the reviews on this site but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The presta connection is quite effective- just need to be gentle with screwing and unscrewing. The pumping performance was acceptable- it took me just over 2 minutes to reach 70 PSI on a 25mm corsa control tubular. I have donated the Silca to a mate so that’s all my Silca products gone. Yay!

This is a cool little pump.


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