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by Bridgeman

I've been using the Topeak Micro Rocket. It weighs 55 grms. The claim is 160 PSI. When I need to use it on the road I only need about 30 PSI, and then I'm on my way home. I bore easily with the pumping process.

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by shoemakerpom2010

It would be interesting to see if this can get over 60-70psi. My Airstik SL can do about 70 max without some Schwarzenegger arm influence.

by Weenie

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by sedluk

I have one on the way. Even 80-90 psi would get me home.

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by Foxtrot

A small diameter pump will give you more pressure than a large diameter one. The number of strokes is another story.

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by russianbear

I'll stick to my Lezyne road drive.

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by makoti

I'll be interested to hear how these work. Can't imagine you can actually get to 150...

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by veloflyte

DrGalactus wrote:http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/12/31/kickstarter-meet-the-ipump-the-worlds-lightest-bike-pump/

$80 and only takes 100 pumps :shock:

If you have an OCD mind like mine, you'll know that any standard minimpump takes about 300 strokes to get a road tire to 120psi. This ipump is less than 1/4 the size of a standard minipump.... I'll let you do the math on the number of strokes to full inflation. (p.s....it's a lot!!)

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by any123

is there anyone who already got it? (I didn't)

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by mnmasotto

Yes....these do take alot of pumps to get up to ideal pressure if used alone. I keep my small carbon pump in my jersey pocket as a back up when you get more than one flat on a ride. I don't like carrying more than two CO2 bottles.

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by dalesd

The pump is so small, it can be stored inside your bicycle frame by dropping a spring down your seat tube...
where it will rattle so much it will drive you insane!

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by veloflyte

DMF wrote:If that tiny thing can reach 150psi I'll eat my entire bike for breakfast. Very much doubt it would ever even get close to 80psi... And even that would be more than a 100 strokes. At one or another point, it just boiles down to the laws and limitations of physics...

Actually it would be quite easy to reach 150, 200, even beyond that with such a small volume of air pumped. The only drawback is that getting to even 150 psi will take you close to 1000 strokes.

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by DMF

The problem ofcourse being that the pressure per pumping action is far from linear. You might get 80psi with 80 strokes and after that you're rapidly reaching the point where you get 0,1psi per stroke rather than 1,0psi per stroke. I would in practice call that the same thing as not getting any more pressure.

claiming you could get 200psi is just hypothetical nonsense.

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by F45

"It is 100% efficient"

This guy is dumb. I wouldn't buy his product.

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by sm4100

I just bought a micro pump from my LBS, its Taiwan made, no specific brand, nice alloy construction and weights only 53g but it is extremely small, same size as the ipump, including a small flex hose that pops up from inside and as far as I can tell the pump works great for 100 psi with 300 strokes. I paid 27 usd so it makes a good emergency pump. usually I carry my CO2 bottle and nozzle and just use the pump to reach the desired pressure or in case the CO2 fails I can pump the 300-350 strokes to get the pressure. As someone else pointed I also carry my 2g presta adapter so if I am near any gas station I don't even bother taking other equip out of my backpack. I will post photos here once I get home so you guys have an idea.

Regarding the ipump, honestly the marketing is exagerated and although it may work for some 90-100 psi the money I was considering to throw on this thing I ended up spending on a Barbieri NANA (29g) and also a Lezyne Road Drive for my other bikes.

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by any123

This guy is not dumb. Folks whats up with you all?
Did the inventer ever say that it is as easy to use as a compressor you have at home?
It is an emergency solution only fir on the way. For example i take it on my rides together with a Schrader adaptor. It is good for me to fill the tire enough to cycle to the next gas station and refill it properly there.

Mine came today and has a weight of 22.4g, about what i expected.
Before i used the barbieri nana. This one has a weight of 31.8 and was good enough.
The ipump micro works even better, has a longer length of pushing ( i hope you understand what i mean) of about one inch and can produce more power like that. And the hose is really a big benefit comparing with the barbieri nana.

Once again: dumb is the one who expected too much. But the inventor is definitely not dumb. As he adverts it as an emergency solution


by Weenie

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