where can I find a higher headset cover

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by Dennis

I'm looking for a higher headset cover for my Ritchey headset. I would prefer in UD carbon.
I noticed that some headsets are sold with a dustcap of around 15 mm. Mine is around 6mm.
This way I could loose the regular spacer under the stem and would look better.
So, where can I find this? I don't think Ritchey sell these separate.

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by DMF

PRO (Shimano) makes a nice tapered one in UD, also try Cane Creek as they have UD-versions. The PRO one is clean from all and any logos which the CC one is not.

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by Stolichnaya

I believe you can get a tall cap from FSA as a separate item as well. You might need a thin spacer to get the right compression underneath but with a little cobbling you'll find a solution.

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