Anyone have experience or tips on removing 105 crankset logo

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by jimwhimpey

I love the look of the black 105 crankset but I'd love to sand off the logos for a stealth look.

They are on the polished part of the crank arms and they have an "under the surface" look to them. Sanding it might get rid of the logo but destroy the polish and overall make it look a lot worse. Anyone tried this or something similar? Bad idea?


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by roadieboy

Try acetone, if that doesn't work-- black sharpie.

by Weenie

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by glepore

I did the black sharpie on mine and it looks pretty good.
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by jerbax18

decal all over the shiny part.

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by Tomstr

Black sharpie for me too, it also helps with the scuffs my shoes make every now and then.
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by mike

I vote sharpie. The time you try with other things will likely scratch up crank. You will most likely sell crank down the road, so keep it in good condition now with sharpie and remove with acetone latwer.

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by Gregg

I used Nitromors All Purpose Paint & Varnish Remover with no problems.

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by jimwhimpey


On the 5800 105 crankset specifically? The logos on these crank arms look like they're beneath a thick coat of something. Did you have go through that first?

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by dunbar42

I have matte black Crank Skins on mine. They look really nice.

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by Dkay

Electrical tape.

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by djm

If acetone doesn't work - paint it over with a paint that DOES remove with acetone. That way you'll have a pristine crankset once you choose to remove the paint.

by Weenie

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