Campaganolo durability, smoothness?

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by Irish

True the reliability of your shifters should be judged on how many shifts are done before it becomes unreliable. I've raced and trained on a chorus 11spd g/set since 2009 and as you can imagine racing is when g/sets are under the most pressure, the fact it's been abused, received little or no maintenance and still performs is testimony enough that it is reliable (I also weigh over 100kg). Irish weather is renowned for it's dampness and gritty roads, and kills components/wheels/tyres yet this g/set keeps going (for me at least). Shifting is also only one aspect of a g/set chain wear and cassette wear are also factors, these have also proven to be more durable than I would have realistically expected from when I moved from 10spd. At the end of the day it's personal preference as most modern g/sets are reliable.

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by ultimobici

Bridgeman wrote:I have the earliest version of Super Record 11 Shifters as well, and I don't recall replacing the springs yet. I did need to swap out the springs in the 10 speed versions though, but only a couple of times over many years.

Shifter cables have always been a bit of a problem on all my Campy Ergo Shifters, going all the way back to when they first came out. The rear cable breaks about once every couple of years. The bend radius is just too small for the amount of force required.

2 years from a derailleur cable? They should be changed far sooner than that to avoid putting excessive strain on the lever, be it Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo.

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by HammerTime2

Tinea Pedis wrote:
ChiZ01 wrote:the problem is that the shimano shiftiers are so reliable you rarely have to fix it. But campy shiftiers have known problem with the g-springs wearing out that you have to replace every 10k miles. But i admit i just love how campy looks, the older ones, the newer 11sp looks like shit

Either some of the poorest trolling I've seen on here recently - or just running off poor advice.

I have the earliest Super Record 11 shifter. Nearly 40,000km on them and never once replaced the g-spring/ever had a shift that suggested they were wearing out. By your logic I should be on to my fourth, so...
TP, I thnink he's referring to Campy 10 speed. Those g-springs do need replacing after a while for most folks. Now, if you don't shift much ...

(Any vintage SR) 11 speed is a completely different animal than pre-11 speed 10 speed shifters which use g-springs.

Edit: Leaving aside my comment above, ChiZ01 wrote that you have to replace g-springs every 10K miles, so with 40, 000 km (not miles) by your logic "by his logic" you should be on your 3rd. Although, again note that Camnpy SR uses a different than pre-11 speed 10 speed, and does not even gave g-springs!!

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