Open Pave CG hop?

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by Valy

Hi guys, just bought a 2nd Open Pave CG to go on the rear and noticed a hop in the tire after installing it. Resat, inflated to 130/140psi - still a hop. Tried on a different wheel that had the older (same model) Pave CG on it without hop, the new on ended up having the hop on that wheel @ same pressures, properly seated etc.

The hop is a max of 1-1.5mm but the older tyre barely has any hop on the same wheel. FWIW the newer tyre came in old packaging (of the previous model) with a printed label stuck on to signify the newer model.

Anyone come across this?

A bit less pronounced than reality ...

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by TwiggyTN

Sometimes, but it's rarely something I'd feel on the road. I'm 95% on tubulars and the nicer hand made ones can have a lot of variation in the casing but it's no big deal unless it's very bad. I'd ride it but if it bothers you just return it for another one before you ride on it.

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by Weenie

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by em3 offense, but you are kidding, right? Your video shows some sidewall inconsistency, but that is certainly no measure of a vertical hop in the tire. You need to assess a hop from the top/tread side of the tire. Also, a 1-1.5mm hop on a 24-25mm tubular at proper pressure will certainly not be felt on the road.

Ride them and enjoy the magic carpet ride of paves.


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legs 11
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by legs 11

Nothing wrong with that mate.....pretty standard.
The tyre doesn't appear to have any hop in it on the outside edge, it's just little wobbly on the line where the colours meet.
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by Valy

If you judge the caliper you see the variation. I don't care about the sidewall being out of line. Don't think I've had this before with any tire including 2 cx EVO ii hence wondering

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by Fiery

Looking at the top surface of the tire - I've had more outer diameter inconsistencies than that with clincher tires. You won't feel it on the road.

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by spdntrxi

I agree with others.. you won't feel that on the road.

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by bm0p700f

I have a bit of hop on mine, they still feel very comfortable.

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by Valy

You are right guys, it's just that I can sadly get very, very fussy with things and it's more that thought of it than reality.

I have a rear wheel with probably the same amount of hop as the tire, but it does not bother me as I know it can be adjusted but with a tire I know that it's how it will always be. :/ Pretty sad but that's how I can fixate on things sometimes.

Thanks for the replies!

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by btompkins0112

It will only be like that until it wears out. Just ride it a lot and it won't be like that for long!!

by Weenie

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