Replacement Ultegra 6800 converter pin

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by JKS

I've searched for this topic and couldn't find anything - happy to be pointed in the right direction if I've missed something (and apologies if that is the case)...

The converter pin in my front dérailleur is no longer there. I'm not exactly sure when this happened, or whether the converter pin was even in place when I bought my bike (ex demo). Shifting is affected and the front dérailleur cable brushes lightly on the cage when using the small chain ring. Shimano list this part as Y5P115000 and a google search turns up a fair few online sellers listing the part quite cheaply, but the majority show them as out of stock. There are a lot of Japanese sites that turn up in the search, but unfortunately I am not blessed with an ability to read Japanese & Google translate does not manage to draw enough info from the Japanese content.

During a phonecall to Shimano in Aus I was told that Shimano stock a strengthened replacement pin and this is almost treated as a warranty part that they would throw in with an LBS bulk order if requested. The rep even stated that they'd has a few fail and that the replacement converter pin is actually higher grade material?

The problem is, my LBS had already stated the part was unavailable and were understandably annoyed when I told them Shimano told me otherwise. They followed this up with their direct Shimano contacts and were told that Shimano definitely do not stock the part (at least in Aus) and if they did, it certainly would cost something - I'm most likely up for a new FD...coming from an LBS I consider reputable, I still can't help but think that of course they'd prefer me to buy a $50 FD, rather than a $5 replacement pin (same as when my rear freehub blew up after only 2000km, they told me I was up for a $150 freehub replacement or new wheels, when I was able to spend ~$16 on replacement freehub bearings and repair it to full function myself).

End of spiel. Does anyone know if I can get these converter pins anywhere? I'm happy to order internationally, but obviously within reason on price. Thanks for the input.

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by ToffieBoi

Do you have only one bike shop around there?

After the freehub issue, I wouldn't go back there at all...

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by Ozrider

How old is the bike / groupset and was it bought from the same shop?
If the bike is under 12 months old it is a warranty claim.

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by JKS

Thanks for the replies. The bike is a 2014 Scott Addict 10

Bought as an ex demo with apparently only 500km on it about 3 months ago from a shop in another state. The LBS reckoned it would have more km's on it than that (told me a very believable story about demo fleets etc) and that they wanted to help out because they felt I wasn't dealt with honestly. Like I said, it may have been missing the pin when I got it, but it was functioning ok - I only realised on giving it a tune up. I'm not sure how this stacks up in terms of warranty? Would Shimano warranty their components?

The LBS is local to my workplace - they sell the same bike, so I figured they should be all over it. Of course I could try other shops, but they've been ok to deal with. I only went in with the freehub issue as usually I look after my bikes myself (possibly to my slight detriment with the latest kit). As someone that's reasonably competent on the tools, I'm generally not very trusting of mechanics in a retail setting (potentially justified), let alone the salespeople. Would you believe their direct Shimano supplier feedback, if I spoke to another rep that directly contradicted this? The bike shop guy seemed pretty annoyed that I'd check up, but more so that Shimano apparently told me something completely different...(I did lead with my easy fix of the freehub though, so maybe that got him offside?)

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by FIJIGabe

You sound to be in a similar position that I was in regarding one of my bikes and a local shop. Luckily, the issue is with the front derailleur, which tends to be rather cheap, compared to the rest of the drivetrain. If I were in your shoes, I'd just buy a new FD and leave it as is. You're wasting more time going through Shimano and your dealer than if you had just bought the part.

It sucks for you (like my issue kind of sucked for me), but regardless, you'll be worlds ahead, when your shifting is back in order (although your wallet will be a little lighter).
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by JKS

It's looking like I'll have to go that way FIJIGabe, but I'd still rather source a $5 part than a $60 part if I can track one down :)

Any other takers?

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by F45

Maybe ask if this guy will ship his $35 FD?

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by JKS

Found one for $34 and ordered last night. That'll do I guess. Thanks for the input.

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