2014 Cervélo R3 or S3

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by em3


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by em3


by Weenie

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by kgt

Not a fun of Cervelo either but R3 would be my choise.

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by quinner

The new S3 has the thinner seat stays and a fatter lower head tube and fork. I think it could be a winner by addressing many of the issues with aero road bikes. I'd wait for some ride reports and test ride before deciding. I'm planning to build a 2014 s3 with 404 FCCs and record.

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by hlegs

Yeah, on paper the S3 seems to be a nice balance of aero, weight, stiffness, and comfort. I'm really looking forward to trying one out when the weather gets better in Toronto.

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by quinner

I sat on a '14 S2 yesterday, there was too much ice around to test ride it. I understand a lot of the tube shapes are the same as the S3, but not the fork. It certainly is different to the prior S series bikes. Cervelo has done a great job on the cable routing for both electronic and mechanical.

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by rma

Big fan of the R series here!

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by addicted

Haven't ridden the 2014's, but otherwise have ridden both the R3 and S3 bikes. IMHO, buy the one you like the look of more. Comfort will have more to do with your saddle, wheels, tires and tire pressure.
The aero diffs aren't gonna make any difference for you. If it made that much difference, all the pro's would be on S3 instead of R3...

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by veloflyte

I had one of the original red Soloist Carbons. It was the fastest bike I've ever owned. But it was not as comfortable as a friends R3. Also, I cnaged the fork fork to an easton 90 slx and found it to be way too soft for the frame...felt like I has suspension up front. So I swapped the fork for an Aero Easton 90 SLX. It had thicker longer aero shaped blades. It felt much much better on the Soloist.

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by mattyNor

Hey another Toronto cat, what's up!! Why are you set on Cervelo? They aren't doing anything special compared to bikes of similar spec.

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by Jagcolo

I had an R3 and now own a R5. They are both great bikes. I test ride the S, but it wasn't for me.

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by fromtrektocolnago

legs 11 wrote:Why not think about something else? Cervelo??! Really, you could get far better value and performance in the longer term if you look elswhere.
It's only a Chinese made mass produced frame....nothing special.
My advice is, to try and see past the glossy advertising and look for some good alternatives instead.

Agree, Suggest looking elsewhere. This is a company that thinks too outside the box. It shows up in their higher than average frame failure rate and short chain stays , especially on their larger frames which can affect shift quality. Frame is made alongside Cannondale and Pinarello in the same Giant factory. Nothing special and probably a purchase that is asking for trouble. Since you are looking at stock carbon, I suggest looking at a Parlee Z5. Owners seem to like the bike.
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by Lewis

If I had money to blow on a Cervelo I would get a Canyon ultimate cf slx instead ;) much better VFM.

I see plenty of fat boys with too much money around my way riding £6k Cervelos and they struggle to get up hills.

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by nathanong87

new s3 looks great imho.

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by johnnyscans

fromtrektocolnago wrote: It shows up in their higher than average frame failure rate

Source? I'd like to see the Cervelo average vs. Industry Average. Error bars for rates would be helpful too. If you're merely speaking about anecdotal evidence you should take note that Cervelo is one of the few (if any) manufacturers that hosts a forum on their website. Engineers and management from Cervelo post there all the time and they always answer questions, offer advice and give mechanical tips. When you host an unmoderated public forum you have to expect that you'll get just as much negative press as you will positive.

by Weenie

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