2013 Felt DA4 Rear Brake Not Working - NEED HELP

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by NickMazz

I've had my 2013 Felt DA4 for about a month now, and am concerned over the lack of rear brake stopping power. Even when the brake lever is full activated (pulled so far its touching the grips of the pursuit bar) there is almost no stopping power. It almost feels like there is no tension on the cable when you pull the lever. My LBS keeps telling me that it's "just the way the bike was made" and there is nothing they can do about increasing the stopping power. As it is right now, it makes the bike exceptionally dangerous to ride on anything but level ground.

I know there are (and have read through) threads where users have complaints that the brakes don't return to the "neutral" position, but my brakes feel like they don't even move to an "activated" position at all.

Aside from this issue the bike is great, and for one of Felt's "higher end" model ranges it seems crazy this is even an issue.

Has anyone else encountered very spongy/non-responsive brakes? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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by vdrey

Have you adjusted the brakes yourself?

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by lannes

undo the cable lock bolt, push the brake pads onto the rim and hold them their, then pull the cable through and re-tighten the cable lock bolt

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by Fiery

Two things. First, you keep saying it feels like there's no tension on the cable, like the brake itself doesn't move. Did you check this? Do the brake pads actually come into contact with the rim when you pull the lever? If yes, when do they touch the rim - how far does the lever have to move before the pads come into action?

Second, why would a bicycle with a functioning front brake be extremely dangerous to ride on anything but level ground? Or are there problems with the front brake too?

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by audiojan

You need to remove the wheel and flip the bike upside down to get good access to the brake. Disconnect the cable. Each brake arm is individually connect to the frame through a center bolt, unscrew that bolt, but be careful, there's a spring under each brake. Once you have this removed, clean all surfaces (brake pin and the brake itself), and relube everything. The spring has two "arms", one that connects to the hole in the brake and one that connects to one of the 3 holes in the frame. You need to move the spring into the 2nd or 3rd position, which will increase the tension that spring is under, and bolt the brakes back on with the center screw. Make sure your brake housing is not too long and pushes the brake to either side, or too short, which pulls the brake to one side.
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