Different ratios on Ultegra 6800 (for junior racing)

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by skiandbikecmh

Looking on their site, it doesn't look like getting it to the US will be super easy, but it would allow me to get a 36-52 crankset and then run a 14-27 cassette.

by Weenie

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by LouisN

Here's the canadian distributor in Vancouver, BC. :


I know eastern canadian junior teams and LBS already have ordered more then 50-60 cassettes from them. Don't know if they can follow demand on them ;)...

Louis :)

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by tk2306

I have used the BBB cassette mentioned for junior racing however in the 10s version. They run fine and as all the cogs are seperate you can replace the metal spacers with some lighter ones to reduce the weight. For what it is worth most juniors needing to meet 7.93 us 52x14 as their max cog with 23mm tyres, it is sometimes possible to go with 25's but best check first :thumbup:

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by Tartanian

The Miche 11 speed cassettes are the best option available.

I am a distributor for Miche in the US. The largest junior cycling club in the country is using them. Miche 11v Shimano/SRAM cassettes are already winning Junior races in Southern California. I have not heard any problems from any users on the shifting. I do think that this is an urban myth. I personally ride Miche Primato and Supertype 11v cassettes on my SuperRecord and have never had a problem.

They are up for sale on EBay or direct from me via my website at www.tartanian.com.

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by efeballi

I was a junior last year so I feel you bro. I would agree with those who say you need to get rid of 12 and 13T.
I had a 11-25 cassette with a 50-34 compact so I needed to get rid of 11, 12 and 13. The team sourced worn cogs and machined the teeth away. Removed my cogs, put a longer screw for the RD limit and voila.
My bike is 10 speed(105, 5700) so cogs were easy to find. You may have trouble finding worn/disposable cogs that is workable with 11 speed.

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