Anyone seen replacement cams for Gravitas SL?

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by dem

Been a while since the new magic-cam GSL Micro Gravitas have been shipping.. has anyone successfully got replacement cams for their existing brakes?

My pads have worn enough after ~2000 miles that I either need to replace the pads or fool with the spacing. New cams would be nicer.

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by Frankie - B

IIRC you can send the brakes back to Ciamillio for a refit.
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by lannes

Has anybody actually had success doing this ?

I think it would be better going through Veloperso as it looks like the cams are available there, I'd email Olivier first to confirm availabiliy ... -2014.html" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

I read it was better going through the Ciamillo dealers, I believe even Ted recommends this.

A quote from Ted from a previous thread " Problems with performance and production are now a thing of the past... customer service? eh, let's be honest... you might want to deal with a dealer like Olivier at Veloperso in France, Robert Choy in Singapore, Sabin West at Carbon Lord, and Joe at Irish Cycles. If you are stateside and want a dealer with the best technical expertise, I would contact Joe at Irish Cycles ( or if Europe, Olivier at Veloperso (".
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by dem

Ha, yes, I'd prefer not to send them to Ted unless they're broken.

Maybe CarbonLord will reply about the cams since I am in the US.

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