Fizik R1/Sidas insole home moulding

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by DJT21

Is it possible to mould the Sidas footbeds at home? If so, does anyone have any pointers on the best way to go about it?

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by Frankie - B

I think it is possible, but is it really needed? For me, the way they come out of the box is pretty much perfect.

After heating them you need to place them back into the shoe and then put your feet into the shoes. do not heat the soles and put them on the floor to stand on them. by doing this you will flatten out the insole to much.
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by mitchgixer6

I asked Sidas directly about this and they said it was possible using a heat gun but it wasn't advisable.

Where are you based? I found a shop locally that didn't sell cycling stuff but they did have aftermarket Sidas soles for sake and as such they had the machine for molding them.

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