Titanium bike bottle cages

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Stolichnaya

Is your top priority weight or complementing your frame?
Weight: well, there are tons of super lightweight options out there.
Complementing: King Ti or Elite Cuissi Inox.

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by choplee

I think ascetics as they finishing touches the cages have to look great .. I am slightly weight weenie and that's why I suppose I choose the bontrager xxx race lite carbon cage and it compliments my wheels , saddle , bar tape being bonti ... Just haven't seen any photos of them actually on a Ti frame .
Also I can get the bonti cages $15 each cheaper than the arundel and only a few bucks more than the TI cages

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by voodoojar

King cage gets my vote. Also their bell is quite cool

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by lannes

choplee wrote:i'm struggling to find photo's of Ti's with carbon or ti cages on them at the moment ..

I'm running Reynolds carbon cages on the ghisallo


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by choplee

Wow ...!!!
Love your litespeed and the cages your right do look great on the the frame and compliment it very well ...
I think its a done deal black carbon cages :-)
I do have white spokes on my bonti wheels , but I think the white bonti xxx cages maybe a bit to much , so the black matte with white decals looks a perfect option :-)

la rosa
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by la rosa

arundel dave o cages

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by veganeric

I think metal bikes look best with metal cages. They have the added benefit of being able to adjust how tightly they hold your bottles. I've been very happy with both the Elite stainless and King Ti.

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by SpinnerTim


I second all the votes for King, but I'd add that the SS and Ti King cages look so similar that either one would appear at home on a Ti frame. Since the SS costs about half of the Ti version, that's the buy unless you are trying to maximize weight reduction (SS version weighs about an ounce more than the Ti). I've built three bikes with King cages (Ti on my Litespeed Icon and Holland Exogrid, SS on my Lynskey Pro29). They look great, and there's no chance of an ejected bottle spoiling the moment.

The King Iris cage is a SS option that nails the Ti frame tone but provides a more contemporary profile than the traditionally-wrought King. This might be the best way to split the difference between your desire for a sleeker cage profile and your interest in a metal cage to compliment your frame.


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by jrobart

+1 on the King cages. See "Thelma" below
The Stable http://www.flickr.com/photos/121194764@N07/albums

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by Causidicus

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by rowdysluggins

I use Bontrager XXXs on my Merlin CR Works and I think it looks great. I have a carbon Enve 1.0 fork, carbon seat-post, carbon bars, so carbon does not look out of place.

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by RedRacer

Causidicus wrote:King or Blackburn. I find it difficult to believe there's a need for a thread on such a simple choice.

Not trying to pick on your post but of the forty or so cages I have owned the Blackburn Ti was one of the worst while the King Ti is likely the best.

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by TheDoc

Love my King SS and Ti Cages. I still use the SS one that was recommended to me by my LBS 10 years ago. Still work like a champ and looks great. T

Tried a few other brands too and I couldn't stop breaking cages so I went out and got the King Ti version once and for all.

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by choplee

Cheers guys i really do appreciate everybody's input and opinions. Not been on this forum long ,but i'm finding it a good source of information and a good bunch of cyclists that love their bikes and the sport to get any issues ,queries or questions answered ...

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by dcpdpayne

The stainless steel cages from Arundel and King are pretty amazing, but for the money (I'm a poor public servant) Performance bike shop's stainless steel cages get my nod. I really have better places to spend $100 than on a water bottle cage that it is going to get abused, bent and banged around. http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Pr ... 63__400163 Let the screams of "heretic!" begin

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