Reynolds Assault /strike wheel set, 11 speed compatible?

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gifted child
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by gifted child

Is the new 25mm wide Reynolds Assault /strike wheel set, 11 speed compatible?
its not stated at their website....

... are these good for daily clincher wheels...?

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by Kraaf

No personal experience, but as Canyon sells their Speedmax CF Evo with these wheels on a Di9070 build, you can be pretty sure they're 11-speed compatible. ... ab-reiter2"

Of Reynolds wheels in general, both carbon and alu clinchers, I think you'll find a majority of satisfied riders, here and elsewhere. Wether carbon clinchers match your daily use, depends highly on that daily use.
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gifted child
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by gifted child

Thanks for the input.

-My daily rides consists of cat 4 and cat 3 climbs. No major mountain passes to tackle on so won't probably be having issues with braking, but road conditions are 50% horrible 50% ok. Are they strong enough? Im a pretty light and small rider thou, 57 kilos, 164cm.
- My race wheels are 2011 zipp 303 tubulars and so far it stood up to our road conditions. Pave' tested by spartacus :)
- No alu wheels, too lazy to constantly swap out brake pads when I use my race wheels, so looking for carbon clinchers.

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by prebsy

They should be. I have 2013 assaults and they were the first model year to get the 11 speed hub. They made great daily drivers.

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by Gregorio

I still have a set of 2010 SDV66C. Probably close to 15k miles on them now. I do try to keep them out of the rain and don't take them to the mountains.
Mostly to avoid problems with the brake track. I have ridden occasional gravel and dirt roads with them.
Have never even needed to true these.
I would imagine the newer models are even better.

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by FIJIGabe

My old set of DV3K's (think budget Assaults) were good wheels, but toward the end of my ownership, suffered from design issues. Are they 11-speed compatible? I'm not sure. The 2013's probably were, since that was pretty much the industry standard last year. However, even if the wheels aren't 11-speed compatible, Reynolds sells the freehub for $100, and the wheels don't require a redish.

One thing to be weary of with Reynolds wheels is the internal nipples. Try as I might to protect the wheels, since they were my daily hoops, they were subjected to the occassional rain shower, and were washed with the bike. Well, the aluminum nipples did corrode over time, since the water tends to pool in the rim. This led to several nipples breaking during rides. My new procedure for cleaning my bike will involve swapping on a set of spare wheels to wash the bike, and my new wheels will be cleaned with a cloth and reinstalled.
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by Scoops

As far as I know, all Reynolds wheels can accept an 11 speed cassette. Later wheels they should go straight on, but earlier wheels you can replace the free hub. I have just done this with great success on my 2009 Carbon Assaults. Cost was about £49.00 and parts can be purchased from your local Reynolds dealer/distributor. In the UK it's Upgrade Bikes.

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by wickedwheels

yes, the new ones are compatible

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by avispa

We have a team/club account with Reynolds and access to their technical specs and manuals. Most of their wheels, if not all, accept 11 speed cassette bodies.



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