Best of the bests - which groupset from the last 20years

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by KB

If your going for a retro build, the C-Record has to be the one. The crankset's still the classiest I've seen.

by Weenie

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by FourRings

Going back just a bit further - Dura Ace EX with the Dynadrive crankset. Innovations included a cassette rear hub (with an 11) when the standard was a Regina Oro, a crank bolt circle that allowed compact gearing, the revolutionary pedals, and shifting that was much, much better than the Record/Super Record competition. Unfortnately, it was a bit ahead of it's time.

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by drotos

I'd not like a pure retro build, not this time. (If I would... DA 74xx or 9/10 spd Records were my preferences.)

I'm going to build a long lasting training/racing bike with mixed components of the 2(3) worlds. I mean, I'm about to try Campa shifters and Shimano drivetrain with Jtek Shiftmate. Maybe the new 11spd ergo levers (Chorus or Record for multiple up-, and downshift) with 10spd Dura/Ultegra rear derailleur and 10spd Shimano cassette... What do You think about this (no-)nonsense build? :)

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by kgt

That's not a group-set...

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by drotos

kgt wrote:That's not a group-set...

Sure, I know... 8)

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