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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by shimmeD ... d-concept/

This I think has a better concept than breakaway or couplers. Way to go!
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by liam7020

B&W Bike Safe. Pros - high level of protection, very little dismantling. Cons - you'd need to spend a few weeks in the gym before using it!!
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by Dalai

KB wrote:Polaris EVA Bike Pod. Best I've used and I've used plenty in the past. Lightweight and protects well and the price is good compared to the really heavy duty boxes.

+1. Great weight vs. protection balance...


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by agfu

Also had really good experience with Bike Box Alan, bike came through safely, easy to use and room for pump, helmet shoes etc comfortably. Only gripe is that it's tough to squeeze into the boot of taxis. Would be interested to see what the new Thule case looks like in the flesh though with the built in workstand.

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by thprice

deltree wrote:Curse ISPs! ....

EEP ISP works for me:

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by 1415chris

I have been travelling few times with Polaris EVA. It's very light, lots of space inside, provides enough protection and you don't have to brake the bank to get one. What I dislike about this case is lack of proper handle allowing you to lift it up and roll it with the comfort. Especially when it is stuffed with not only the bike but with all your holiday gear.

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by mattr

The EVOC bags are actually really good.......

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by lannes

I'm using the Biknd Helium, went for this case because of the air bag protection, the ability to carry 2 sets of wheels and it's light weight. It's also nice and compact and can fit into the back seat of most cars due to it's low height.

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by keith

I have 2 Bike Box Allan's - one for me and one for the wife, used to have an Iron case. It works really well. If you get one I can let you know our little top tips on making best use of it.

I changed to this box only because I wanted a bike box to run on four wheels. This is almost essential for airports. You have no weight to actually carry, no need to put it on a trolley, etc. We also have similar suitcases - running on 4 wheels. Makes moving your kit around a pleasure rather than a pain. The iron case only had 2 wheels and had to be towed widthways. The last time I used it it wouldn't fit through one gate in airport security and I had to manhandle it through a narrow gap - never used it again after that!!

Ours are pink BTW - really easy to spot on the luggage belt :-) … The bikes inside are matt black of course ;-)
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Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

After years of borrowing a friend's Trico case I splurged on a Bike Box Alan case this summer. It is much easier to move around in the airports and hotels than the Trico, and it is lighter so I can get my packed weight down under 50 lbs and avoid the "overweight" surcharge. Whether I get dinged oversize/bicycle seems completely random and depends mostly on the goodwill of the attendant at check-in. Another advantage over the Trico is the way the wheels are packed. I was never comfortable packing a carbon wheelset in the Trico, mostly because of the way the case compresses. Everything is encased in foam but something could shift during TSA inspection and then under subsequent compression a carbon wheel could easily be damaged (as I did have some cosmetic damage to a Campy Eurus rim one time). The Bike Box Alan mounts the wheels in the case so when it is opened they won't shift. The only potential problem upon TSA inspection with the BBA is the compression bar, but I am going to tape it into the top part of the case through the spokes so when security opens and closes the box they only have to re-position the bar into the bottom of the case. I have read of people opting not to use the compression bar with the BBA.

Early days with the Bike Box Alan but so far I'm quite happy.

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by AndreLM

@keith and @Bike Gear, did you have to pay any "bike fees" to the airline when using bike box alan?

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by michel2

The pika box does look nice, not sure if its availible in aus but i definatly look in to that, im suprised how litle feedback there is on evoc i thought they were fairly populair.

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by thprice

michel2 wrote:The pika box does look nice, not sure if its availible in aus ...

Mark at pikapackworks ships to Aus.
Shipping costs a heap, but worth it.

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by lannes

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by nick

Bought a Bikebox Allen this year used it twice fantastic !

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