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by michel2

Hi fella's
Im on the verge on spending heaps on bike traveling case, after i saw an evoc case i thought it was a good design and would be very useful.but then i realised that for this kind of money there are more options and that made me wonder what to buy.i travelled alot with my bikes and always travelled with and old carboard box and a bitt of styrofoam.

so im poping the question:

For those here Who have a bike bage/case , what brand and type and what are you experiences, what do you really like about this case and what do you think is up for improvement ?
Many thanks for effort

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by aerozy

Ive tried a few and will never ever go back to soft cases.

Best bike box ive tried is:

Travelled dozens of times with it and never had any issues.
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by bikerjulio

Very glad I took the plunge about 6 years ago and bought rather than go on borrowing/renting.

I have a B&W box that's stood up very well to multiple trips. I don't trust the fastenings on any box I've used and always add a couple of straps.

There's sometimes a buggy.
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by michel2

That polaris eva bag at planet looks promissing aswell at 6.8 killo (;

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by bikewithnoname

I’ve used an Elite Vasion, super tough, but SUPER heavy, if you are flying on any european budget airlines it will be well over your allowance even if your bike is under 7kg. Currently using one of these: which I’ve found to be great, lightweight, well designed and padded and hasn’t deflated on me (although be sure to jam the valve plugs in securely on each trip!
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by bangkok

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by deltree

Curse ISPs!

I know there are boxes out there that can accomodate, but the premium, extra bulk and possible expense.

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by KB

Polaris EVA Bike Pod. Best I've used and I've used plenty in the past. Lightweight and protects well and the price is good compared to the really heavy duty boxes.

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by GonaSovereign

I can't say enough good things about the Pika bag. Despite my trepidation re: non-rigid containers, I took the recommendation of some pros I know. If they trust it dozens of times a year, it must be good. It's a softshell, but with very high density foam to protect the bike. The thing has a great design that keeps the overall size small, and is foldable when you get to your destination. I've put this thing in the back of tiny rental cars, and it's been around much of the world on dozens of trips. Could a bike get damaged? Sure, but the airport goons would need to try pretty hard.

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by dmp

Another vote for the pika pack works. Mine replaced a hard shell case (trico). Another virtue- the airline counter people don't always recognize it as a bike case, so you might avoid the ridiculous bike surcharges (I did and the savings more than paid for the case on my first trip!)

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by c50jim

I've used BikePro many times over the years. We used to have a BikePro double case too but sold it when airlines started to specify maximum weight of 70 pounds. They've worked well for us and friends have had good luck with them too.

As others have said (and will say) the airline charges for oversize bags are ridiculous. I've used an Independent Farbrication with S&S couplings for the last ten seasons (as well as occasional use of the BikePro and other family members using it) and it sure is easier to travel with. In the last fifteen months, my wife and I have taken ours to Maui twice, France and Italy (twice for me) with no oversize baggage charges.

The only time I had damage from airlines was with a Trico case 15 years ago. There were holes in the downtube and dents in the seat tube. Luckily the bike was steel and repaired OK.

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by dvincere

Third vote for Pika Packworks. I rarely get charged for a bicycle when I fly with it. It's much easier to deal with than a hardcase and offers just as much protection surprisingly. It's a beautiful thing. Only down side is it can suck to carry for long periods of time without rollers on it. But most people don't end up doing that.

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by JackDaniels

I picked up an iron case off craigslist for $100. Just flew across the country with it.

$25 bucks on Frontier if you keep it under 50lbs which isn't too hard.

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by Valbrona

I dislike boxes. Too much weight and too much assembly/dis-assembly.

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by tinozee

I have a bike box alan case too, it's sweet. It carries a lot, and does a really good job securing everything. By buddy in NL has a rectangle one which seems just fine as well. It's just so expensive to bring a bike overseas now. The last airline to let you check it as luggage was air france I think, and I last time I went I remember calling in advance, setting it all up, double checking... all that, and once at the airport they said this was not their policy any longer, and I would have to pay ~ $400. I was able to haggle the cost down to $75 after the trip with a few calls, partly because they also LOST the bike along with some other luggage between Paris and Prague we got our stuff like 3 days into the trip but it was a month trip. The case rocks though. We go every year for a month to Czech country and surrounding area. Once you're over there easy jet is fine with the cases.

I wonder if you can still do it as regular luggage in a box. You probably can with a breakaway frame.

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