Sram Red jockey wheels - removable bearings?

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by DuncanS

I've just discovered that the lower jockey wheel on my "old" SRAM Red (2011 10 speed) rear derailleur has cracked. I've picked up a replacement SRAM "Force Rival APEX RD Pulley Kit" but of course this has sealed steel bearings instead of the (admittedly high maintenance) BlackBox ceramics.

My question to the gurus is, can I swap out the bearings for the BlackBox bearings from my old jockey wheels? The diagram in the SRAM spare parts manual seems to indicate that the Red bearings are removable but there are no instructions or spare parts numbers that indicate that it's possible.


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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Yes, they are . some people on here have done it before.
Just lightly tap them out with a socket and then re install the ceramics.
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by bura

I have never swapped Sram pulley bearings and this may be not a satisfactory reply to your question.
But I have re-glued new AFC Speed Ten Delrin pulley bearings after being warned by some fellows here with the use of this: ... esive.html" onclick=";return false;
Bomb proof after almost 1 year of riding.
I have dismounted the tiny AFC bearings with a lot of hot air application onto the wheels.
No problem with the AFC bearing seals as they have some metal seals on their tiny bearings.
So be warned because hot air may cause rubber (Sram?)bearing seals to alter in their original shape and not re fit into the bearings.
Good luck!
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by DuncanS

Thanks Frankie, good to know. I've installed the new set now and they feel silky smooth so I think I'll keep them on for now, but will keep it in mind (and save the ceramics) for next time I need to do major drive train maintenance.

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