OK, it's end of 2013 -what's the verdict on BB standards?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by prebsy

bb86 FTW!

by Weenie

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by petepeterson

Can someone comment on the long term effects on the shell surface of pressing and pulling friction fit bearings and BB's into the BB shell? Does anyone else worry that over time getting a perfect snug fit will not be possible because the metal has been deformed or removed from multiple installs/pulls? Maybe it's just not an issue but it concerns me given that I've had creaking from the get go on my current BB30 frame.

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by Calnago

@Petepeterson... Absolutely your long term concerns are valid, from a theoretical point of view. But in fairness and in practical use, it's probably not something that you should worry too much about since it's not like you're pulling these things out and pressing them back in on a really regular basis. But yes, over enough time and enough removals and reinstalls... anything that gets pulled in and out will wear. Lots of things these days are "throw away" items. Really nice frames shouldn't be.

As for your creaking... perhaps some Loctite 609 might help if you haven't tried that already. Otherwise, yours is just another example of a less than ideal situation.
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by Rick

petepeterson wrote:I've had creaking from the get go on my current BB30 frame.

If you search for BB30 posts by me you can find how I have "solved" the problem. Combination of loctite 609 and NOT using wave washers.
It has continued to work, but is just a PIA to have to be so picky about setup. And it is getting to be about time to redo the BB again, so it really depresses me.

I am not having any problems, but it has been over a year now since the last time I cleaned and lubed everything, so it is about due.

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by btompkins0112

This could not be more similar to the Shimano v Campagnolo thread, or the Tubular v Clincher thread......no catharsis.

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by Juanmoretime

All my bikes have the standard 68mm BS. Works very well for me. While the other systems claim or really are more stiff. Can anyone prove an actual performance difference?

It feels stiffer does not count. :smartass:

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by DMF

Also consider the extra drag of bigger bearings, nothing really comes close to decent square taper BSA BB's, I for one value that higher than outright stiffness on most occasions... Sure, it's probably only 1-3 watts, but I value that extra smoothness in the drivetrain so actual measurable performence doesn't really go into the equation for me... (The everlasting "you only save 0,02s in an entire race" argument that always go into these things... Sigh...)

Next best thing, BSA GXP, with a NDS bearing that actually fits the axle (read, not Sram BB).

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by synthesis

I for one love the ISIS BB, and feel that it´s a good stiff concept.

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by GT56

if i was to choose between two frames exactly the same except for how the crank bearings are fitted to the frame, and one of them is bsa. i'd choose bsa

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by DMF

I for one hope BSA68 will come back, or if we must continue with 30mm axle just oversize it, "BSA30", still threaded.

Ease of manufacture shouldn't really come into play at the price point were many of these frames are at... But now we've pumped the market with so much BS that there's no going back without admitting that none of the pressfit systems were ever for the customers benefit. They were to cut manufacturing costs and to add another marketable feature to increase sale...

How many didn't think 30mm axles were an upgrade worth upgrading for all in itself?

Let's pray someone atleast invents a pressfit-to-bsa converter that works EVERY time. They all seem a bit hit 'n' miss at this point, no one has a 100% perfect ratings or reviews...

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by deltree

I haven't heard any bad news about the Praxis Works BB30 converter... which is nice as I've just picked one up.

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by WMW

DMF wrote:Let's pray someone at least invents a pressfit-to-bsa converter that works EVERY time.

Must be tolerances or something...

I can understand the idea of of wider bearing spacing and larger axles... and making the frame wider at the BB also. Stiffer and lighter... good stuff.

But I'm a fan of old 7700 Octalink BBs and cranks which are light and work great. Last year I shortened some Octalink cranks for TTs and now I'm thinking of getting a newer (used) frame. I mistakenly assumed that everything could be adapted to BSA... I didn't realize that so many bikes are BB86 or BB90 or BB386 or whatever else cannot even be adapted to a BSA BB. Which means new cranks and BB too and pay to get them shortened again...

That's "progress" though... the old becomes obsolete.
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by ferrarista

I prefer BSA everytime.

Campy now has the over-torque cranksets available with bb386 cups.

That would make a very good crankset for bb386 frames. around 630gr. for the Ultra crankset with cups.

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by bricky21

Wow. I thought I'd be in the minority here, but it's BSA for me.

From a technological standpoint what is more advanced, a part which is pressed together or a part which is threaded together?

Probably one day there'll be a superior BB standard, but imo it doesn't exist yet.

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by asv

All the BB standards have their pluses and minuses. At the end of the day it comes down to frame and crank choice. I love the sisl2 so I have two bb30 (press fit) Cannondales with zero issues. I did have some issues with my Tarmac sl3 bb30 but that was due to improper installation by the shop. The only standards I tend to avoid are ones that severely limit my crank selection. (386evo and BBright are 2 good examples.) In terms of ease of install and serviceability threaded standards are always going to be easier but at the potential sacrifice of weight and stiffness.

by Weenie

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