Pinarello Paris sizing recommendations

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by mrfish

I'm 175cm and in a standard steel frame geometry I'd ride a 54 or 55cm bike. On a Pinarello I'd ride what they call a 53.

Like others say, you can probably be made to fit 3 sizes but the two extremes won't be pretty.
1. Start from the head tube height. Take a look at how high your bars are, then choose the Pinarello which enables you to fit the standard tapered a-headsset cap and maybe a few spacers.
2. Then check how long a stem you would need to get the reach you want with the saddle in the place you like. If it's 11-12cm you're probably golden.
3. Check the seat post height. Dogmas and so on look bad with too little seatpost showing.

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by poppiholla

Beware! There are people here that only give there lenght and there frame size, but you should look at more aspects.
That some people can ride a size 55 and they are 183cm is not a good indication for you. You need more information. Only lenght and framesize will give you nothing. You don't want a huge ugly spacer tower so you need enough headtube lenght. If you don't want to sit too deep this is important. This gives an indication for a framesize. Your stack and reach are also very important. The lenght of the top tube must be correct otherwise you need a very long stem and that will influence the steering of the bike. Imho you should take a bike fitting first!!!!

I am 186cm and ordered a Dogma size 57,5. I am always between sizes. My LBS and I discussed size 56 or 57,5 but we are convinced that 57,5 looks great and almost without headtube spacers and enough seatpost showing. In size 56 I needed a 130mm stem and a spacertower to have the correct stack and reach. More spacers then 3cm is not pretty imho so you need to be careful which size to pick.

by Weenie

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by tazik

Thanks!I have already tried 56 cm and it fits for me perfectly!
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