Bianchi Oltre XR2

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by RippedUp

Hi all,

I have been thinking of adding a new frame to stand along my Z1 and been eyeing the new Oltre XR2.

Anyone ridden one? Would love to read some feedback on the ride and detail/finish of the frame.


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by Clubagreenie

If you have a Z1 you will be disappointed .
I test rode a Doggie and a C59 .... Went and tested a XR2 and the Colnago had it all over them for me. It handled well and felt stiff however it just didn't have $3500 more stiffness / handling than the others inflated ego built on an old name.
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by bigvern

Ok - so I've got an argon18 e114 and argon 18 gallium pro 2012.
The e114 is as stiff as a farm gate and I love stiff bikes, I was going to get a argon18 gallium pro 2014 until I test rode the XR2, it is stiffer than the gallium pro and corners really well.
The finish - hard to compare as I don't look closely myself but I think its super neat and have the di-2 battery inside, compared to a giant propel the finish is 10/10 ... ltre%20XR2

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by Martin.F

FWIW I love my oltre 1 coming off a Cervelo s2. I feel more confident in the downhills on my Oltre, I have a much deeper drop, it feels 100x more comfortable yet plenty stiff (could ask for a little bit stiffer for my 1400w ish sprints though). The finish of the frame is superb, and the paint is beautiful.
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by VNTech

Latest version of the Oltre is a massive step up from the last. It's among the first frames that Bianchi released following a pretty substantial new investment in R&D, definitely shows. I quite like the ride. Handling is impeccable, stiffness is good, comfort ain't bad either.
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by davidalone

It's a nice bike. On par with its contemporaries in its price class. StiffNess and weight are good and it's a very comfortable bike for an out and out racer.

Handling wise Its a smooth, gentle bike. Not as flickable as a crit racer but a very capable all-rounder. more ferrari than mustang muscle car ( think smooth power rather than WOOMPH.)

finish is fantastic. flawless. and I love how it looks. but I ride a bianchi, so I may be biased. overall I think it's a good bike. may be a tad expensive at MSRP tho.

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by ianSWBB

We have had a test ride on the XR2. Last time we had a go on a Bianchi was with the original Oltre - and had forgotten how nice they are!

Everything you want from an Italian bike - smooth sleek lines, classic colour schemes - the ride was good. With the new XR2 they have achieved a difficult feat, which is to have a ride which is both smooth and easy, so it feels like you can sit in the saddle all day - but when you want raw power acceleration, it is stiff enough to give it to you straight away

If you are wanting a tip-top all rounder, from a manufacturer with a long classy cycling heritage, then you won't go far wrong or be disappointed by the Oltre XR2!

Good luck & let us know what you go for :D


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