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by mattpage

Looking at brakes for a new build. The groupset and levers are DA 9000.

What brakes are suitable that offer OEM performance for less cash and weight?
What is the performance of the Planet-X CNC brakes like?

I'd like similar performance to DA 7800, as I found them excellent and I have discs on all other bikes, so poor perforamance would really show up.

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by Geoff

If you are really concerned about braking quality and weight, you will not be able to match the 'factory' offerings. The current generation of Dura-Ace or Record calipers, paired with the corresponding levers, are unmatched for stopping power. I would give the edge in pure power to the Dura-Ace, but the Record provides better modulation. Personally, I think that the overall effectiveness of Record is superior to Dura-Ace, but we're splitting hairs at this point.

Oh, yeah, I like the QR for Shimano better than Campagnolo's 'on-or-off' QR...

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by mattpage

I hadn't even considered Campag - I guess I thought the pull ratio would be different or something?
Cost is important too. New 9000 brakes are ~£180.

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by mrd

But with campag the quick release calliper opening is via the levers, not on the calliper. Once set up the PX is very good but nothing comes close to the smoothness and stopping power of DA9000 so long as you use the polymer cables.

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by mattyNor

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by mattyNor

At least in my opionon brakes are something you just don't want to mess around with

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by bikewithnoname

EE and THM get extremely good reviews and are considered as good as OEM for considerably less weight and more money. All other lightweight offerings seem to be a compromise at the moment.

Do a search on the board or check out Fariwheel's brake shootout, all the info you need is there.
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by glepore

I've recently gone from DA 7800 to Planet X. In average use, with Reynolds blue pads on carbon rims, the performance is more than adequate. Modulation is an edge to DA but not significantly. DA has power brake feel in terms of ultimate stopping but Planet X is more than adequate. I initially thought that the mountain bike style release on the Planet X would be a pain, but its really not-I would keep a 14mm wrench handy if you remove front wheel for travel as knocking the caliper around can move the on center, but this is no worse than any other single pivot. The barrel adjuster works more easily than 7800 and has enough range to go from a 24mm wide brake track to a standard. You can tell the difference between the Planet x and the 7800, but its not night and day. The Planet X are great $$ to performance value. I doubt they are the performance of EE but they're $500 less.

Fairwheel has a new review "in the works" but it doesn't appear that they tested Planet X.

Stay away from Ciamallo for the reasons in the now deleted thread-good brakes but unless you buy in the secondary market good luck actually getting them-I purchased brakes that were "in stock" and on sale and they were never delivered, and I'm just one of many.

Several caveats-I'm only 59 kg and 5'5, and I don't live in the Alps or the Sierras...
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by Stolichnaya

If power is the main focus, then Tour Magazine's most recent brake test (2013) was pretty conclusive: the Campagnolo brakes from Super Record down to Athena kinda smoked the Dura Ace option in terms of power.

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by mattpage

So campag brakes in theory work with Shimano levers, but you wouldn't have any QR system?

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by sugarkane

Sr brakes have good power and modulation but there is no way I. Hell they have more power than DA brakes. And wouldn't own shimano personally any time soon for the record.
If you want awesome light brakes with power on the level with DA brakes and modulation on par campagnolos SR brakes then EE cycle works is the ticket.

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by KB

I agree with Geoff's post. If you want power, then it's Shimano or Campag. If you want low weight at a decent price I would go for KCNC's. Also, Far and Near have also been good for me. However, not sure I would go for these if I was doing descents in the Alps or Pyrenees.

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by eric

My EEs with sram 2012 Red levers work much better than 7800 brakes. Both raw stopping power and modulation are noticeably better. I'm using the old light action springs and the brakes are very light. Some would find them touchy but I am used to strong brakes on motorcycles so it's no problem for me. The light action is good for long days going up mountains and back down technical descents- my hands don't get tired.

9000 uses a different brake cable pull ratio than 7800 or sram so those levers would have a bit less leverage on the EE brakes.

The only drawback besides price and difficulty in cleaning all those linkages is that you can't operate the QR or cable adjuster while riding.

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by oscarach

Does anyone have any experience with TRP 970\979 brakes? How is the stopping power and modulation?

I am looking at replacing the generic brakes the bike came with, I know that Dura Ace and probably Ultegra will give me more power but I like the look of these so am hoping to get some more info and opinions before making a decision.


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by pdlpsher1

No one mentioned about the 2013 Red aerolink brakes. Weight wise they are very competitive at 253g. with pads. They are a single pivot design (to save weight) but they added an additional link for increased leverage. I'm using them with DA 9070 levers and the response is fantastic. I cannot detect any flex in the brakes. We have plenty of hills here in Colorado. I also think they look the best when compared to the DA and Campy.

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