2013 s-works shoes - heel wear

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by sungod

after almost slipping over i noticed that the heel pads on the shoes need replacing, one side is very worn, the other side one of the pads has split apart so there's no grip on it at all

this is with only 6 months use, aside from cafe stops and going to/from where the bike is stored (c. 20m) they do not get walked on a lot

when i got the 2013 ones i retired my old pair to use for commuting etc., the first with 2 dials, 2010 model maybe? that's after about two years use, and for the last 6 months they've been walked on much more, but the pads are still ok

i know they're racing slippers but it still seems like very fast wear, anyone else finding the same?

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by Rick

I just checked my 2-year old pair, and I still have most of the tread visible in the rear. I don't know if 2013 changed the material ?

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by sungod

the 2013 heel pads are much smaller than on the previous models

the old pads seemed to be just solid grippy stuff, whereas the new ones have a skin of grippy stuff over a core, so once there's some wear the pad can split and expose the core (which is not grippy)

i just noticed one of the pads on the other shoe has actually separated from the core, it's only held by the front of the pad now, sigh

i've now ordered two pairs of new pads as it looks like i'll need to change them every few months - with the pad wear the cf at the heel has become quite scratched, whereas my two-year old shoes have no scratches to the cf at the heel and still are on the original pads

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by kode54

i have several pairs...one really old, one from 2011 and another 2013. all my heal pads are fine...the oldest one from 2009(?) is the only one that looks worn...but i'll probably just trash that pair since it has seen better days. the newer versions, 2011 with longer red heal pads and the 2013 with black shorter heal pads both seem fine. i have quite a bit of mileage on the 2011 pair and maybe less than 3,000 on the 2013 pair...which seem hardly worn. during the cooler months, i hardly walk around in them...usually a quick ride out and back without stopping since its getting quite cold out.
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by r_mutt

2013 s-works shoes heel pad is...the achilles heel (sorry!). mine broke off after less than a few months of use.

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by rowdysluggins

They are replaceable, and after all, they are road shoes. I've got the last three versions of S-Works, including 2013, and I do quite a few miles. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have any problem with the heel pads, but I have almost no wear on any of my shoes now, and if I did, I'd just order some more heel pads. It's a small price to pay for the weight, comfort, and performance of Spec S-Works shoes.

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by r_mutt

been waiting for specialized to ship heel pads to the LBS for over 2 months. there aren't any available anywhere.

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by fitty4

cyclestore uk says it will take 1-3 days to get them

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by vwo05

I've had mine since March. I just noticed two days ago that the heel on the shoe I unclip with was almost worn out. Specialized doesn't have the size I need in stock. Hopefully my local bike shop has some.

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by OwenJames

Ha, just got some of these shoes on a recommendation from a friend. Not worn them yet, so will monitor heel wear closely.

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by Jmeloy

Got 2 pairs and no issue to date.

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by stella-azzurra

Every one has a different wear pattern on their shoes which translates to how they walk.
Two people can walk the same distances but wear their shoes differently.

If you want less wear on your road shoes don't walk in them. :mrgreen:
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