Upgrade Shimano Ultegra 6800 crankset for something lighter?

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by F45

I went with Red 22 BB30 with Praxis rings, was 358g without bb, plus 120g Praxis rings, 10g bolts, total 488g plus BB. I'm sure you could get it lighter with different rings.

I sold the 6800 crankset (new, uninstalled) for like $130, bought the Red for $150 (new, takeoff, local), plus rings, minus selling the Exogram rings. It wasn't exactly expensive.....

by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

dwmark2 wrote:Can anyone help me out with a crankset upgrade decision?

I just bought a full Shimano Ultegra 6800 groupset, but was considering swapping out the crankset for something lighter. The 2014 6800 compact crankset (52/36t 172.5mm w/o BB) weighs 700g on my scale and the 6800 BB weighs 77g. I was considering swapping this for either the FSA K-force light compact or the FSA SL-K light compact because they (according to FSA’s website) are supposed to weigh ~556g w/o BB. I would pair those cranks with the FSA BB386evo bottom bracket (87g) and hopefully end up saving some weight.

The problem is I can’t seem to actually find any cranks that are anywhere near the claimed weight from the FSA website (maybe all the cranks on ebay are older models and weigh more?). Can someone help me out with either finding an appropriate crankset/BB combo weighing less than 777g (ideally for less than $300) or convince me that I shouldn’t switch away from the Ultegra 6800 crankset.

Note: the Shimano 6800 crankset is 11spd and the FSA cranksets are 10 spd, but many other forum posts have lead me to believe it would be fine to use a 10 spd crankset with an 11spd system.

I have two FSA K-Force Light BB 386 EVO (black/grey versions). It was 20 grams of difference. It's within the spec of construction, -5-6%.
I mailed FSA and asked.

These are 172.5mm and one is 560 grams and the other 580 grams with 52/36 rings (no BB).

Now, these shift extremely well no matter what the old versions did. Probably due to the incredibly stiff chainrings.
I don't know if it's worth it to you?
Anyway, for shifting speed and quality, there is nothing to complain about.

The 53/39 rings weights more. I had them home but sadly i do not remember what difference it was.
Again, the chainrings are very stiff and robust so all in all, weight saving is nice, but shifting quality is king (atleast to me).

I run my set with Shimano DA 9000. Works flawless!

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by BikeAnon

I imagine the guy who started this thread three years ago (and hasn't logged in for two years) isn't still looking for an answer.

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by cramil

Still relevant and interesting discussion when searching for it.

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