Force 22 Rear Mech with 10Spd SRAM Levers?

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by RichTheRoadie

Will this work?

Bizarrely the new Force 22 rear mech seems to be cheaper than the older one on most websites. No point paying extra for an old one if the new one will work with 10spd levers!

To my mind the 1:1 pull ratio should mean it still pulls 1:1 with the pull of the old levers?

I might just try it regardless...

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by aaric

It should work - only possible issue would be too short of a low adjustment screw - IE: you might not be able to tighten it down enough to not shift over the largest cog into your spokes. The shifter controls the amount of cable per gear, and the derailleur uses the same ratio, so that shouldn't be a problem. Only difference could be the 1.85mm further inward the 11 speed stuff can move.

To me, this seems doubtful - 1.85mm is probably within the variability of hubs they could encounter...and in a pinch you could likely just replace the limit screw with a longer one to make it work safely.

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by bicicleta

From a thread in the Cervelo forum, it does work. ... ageIndex=1

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Re: Force 22 derailleur - compatiblility
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Changed out the RDs this AM. I'm happy to report that the Force 22 worked like a charm with my 10 speed Rival shifters, a Shimano 105 10 speed cassette 11-28. The stop screws were sufficient and the actuation is fine. I used Dura Ace 7901 HG narrow chain but I don't think it really matters because the Force 22 cage looked to have the same dimensions as the Rival. From a design perspective the Force 22 and Rival appeared identical. The pulleys in the Force 22 cage seem to engage the chain more accurately and have some horizontal play. It also seemed easier to adjust maybe because there was a little more room to maneuver with the actuation due to the fact that it was set up for an extra cog.

From a noise perspective, things didn't seem much different on the bike stand, but once on the road, the Force 22 was quieter. Shifted easily.

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by johnsaysthisnow

Hm. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if a Rival rear der has enough range to accommodate 11sp (with 11sp shifter)? Seems like the natural progression.

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by blantonator

johnsaysthisnow wrote:Hm. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if a Rival rear der has enough range to accommodate 11sp (with 11sp shifter)? Seems like the natural progression.

good question!

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by btompkins0112

I would test it out, as I have a SRAM 22 equipped bike and a Rival rear mech handy......but I may be too lazy. Possibly this weekend? :wink:

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by SLCBrandon

Works just fine. I have it on my S-Works Venge and operates just like a 10spd.

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by stefanot

This is great news. So basically you can piece together a 11 speed setup piece by piece as long as the shifters come last.

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